Moon in Virgo

Virgo Moon looks to the little things in life for their happiness and security. They may deny it, but they actually enjoy activities like running errands, taking care of details, and so on. They may complain about it, but as long as they feel appreciated they will do their best to not only take care of themselves, they’ll take care of you, too. They will usually be the first to volunteer to help someone else.

They may be a bit low in self-esteem, but many are very happy to have a normal, pedestrian life. Simplicity is their mantra and they feel most at home when they can go through life without a lot of public attention. Because of this, they may be accused of being an underachiever or not setting their sights high enough. In reality, they are easily stressed, and they are much happier when they stay within their comfort level.

Virgo Moon Sign loves routine. They are very unhappy without one, or at least feeling they have a job that is necessary. They may appear fussy or be labeled as a complainer, but they really can’t function well without their routine. They do best at jobs that require a lot of detail or micromanaging.

They will show how much they care in small, practical ways like putting away your laundry. Open affection may cause them to pull back a bit, and they are often shy when meeting new people. Once they are comfortable, however they are happy to be themselves. They are trustworthy and reliable and are good sources of advice or help in just about any situation. Their practicality makes them very useful to keep around. They make excellent counselors, as they are very talented at comforting others and making them feel better.

In a relationship, Moon in Virgo can be shy and possibly intimidated. They are very aware of themselves, and when combined with low self-esteem, it can really interfere with forming a normal, healthy relationship. They can end up being too critical of themselves. Once they gain self-confidence, they can be a wonderful partner with a lot to contribute. They tend to keep their own feelings bottled up, which can cause health issues in the long run. Others may see Virgo Moon as cold or unaffectionate, which in most cases is not true.

Moon in Virgo is a born skeptic. When faced with blind faith, they can’t help but pick at it. They can be frustrating because they insist on finding the practical application to everything. Virgo Moon is full of curiosity, yet seems apathetic at the same time. This can confuse some people. While they can dish out the criticism, they are extremely sensitive to receiving it themselves.

Virgo Moon likes to stay busy, and they are happy as long as their life feels under their control. They may put up invisible barriers to others, whether they realize it or not. They hope that others will put forth the extra effort to get to know them anyway.

Moon in Virgo Man

Such persons have good intellectual power, good memory, trustworthy, easy going, irresolute sex, of analytical mind and take many short journeys. Helpful to others, practical outlook of life. Changes in profession, secret sorrows through marriage. Such persons are fastidious, over discriminating, self-controlled.

Moon in Virgo Woman

Such ladies are beautiful and have a well-proportioned body and flashing eyes. Happy by nature but critical. Keep their homes fashionably. Sweet and persuasive in speech. Good orators, fond of music and dance. Hate vulgarity. Hard workers but get tired early. Confident in their views, but also offended easily. Quiet, attracted to opposite sex, and particularly to married men. Psychic and feel physical troubles.

Health Lunatic

When Virgoan qualities inhabit the Moon, these routines become a daily emotional need. Other habits that exercise their active minds might be doing crossword puzzles, reading the morning paper or getting lost in books. Upon first meeting a Moon in Virgo, they’ll likely observe you coolly and without any signs that you’ll be welcomed into their circle.

They respect those that offer practical insights and logical thinking over those whose minds are by nature chaotic. On the other hand, a disheveled person might become a special improvement project since above all the Virgo Moon loves to be of service.

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