Moon in Cancer Woman

Moon in Cancer woman require tenderness, understanding and security. You have the capacity for real depth and intensity of emotions that gives you an almost "psychic" sensitivity to the feelings of others. Unfortunately, this can result in your being over-sensitive and hurt by imagining that you’ve been slighted - even if you haven’t. You are often focused on memories from your past, which can nurture you or plague you. You are likely to have a strong domestic side that expresses itself by being a great cook, homemaker or just very devoted to your family (especially your mother). Domestic security, having a home and partner are important for your emotional happiness.

Cancer Moon Woman

A woman with moon in Cancer is all about the home life also. There is always yes on her lips for her family. However, she is more energetic than her male counterpart when it comes to fulfilling responsibilities. Sure at times she is aloof, but this does not mean she will forget to driver her mom to store on time. She is also more attached to her friends and will sometimes make sacrifices to favor them. Unfortunately, in between, she often gets backstabbed by a few of them. The “yes” factor can be blamed here. Although she is psychic by nature, she simply does not know how to stop saying that word. The watery moon almost makes her a social worker. She feels with all her heart for her dearest ones.

This woman with moon in Cancer is full of love emotions. But she is not someone who would suddenly start dating. In fact, being in a relationship is something that comes to her mind after a certain period of her life, considering the fact that she is usually busy with her parents and other matters and also that she is a slow learner.

While still inexperienced with the dating topic, this woman gives into flirty men. Because of this, she usually has a few short lived relationships. They always teach her a few lessons on the way. She becomes more aware of how not everyone is as emotionally connected to love as she herself is. Thus, she uses her cardinal aspect to make herself stronger for the next relationship.

Lunar Cancer woman usually does not list what she specifically wants in a man. With each new experience, she changes her mind. So it is possible that she suddenly might decide that she does not want her next boyfriend to be like her ex. But realistically, she needs a man who will understand the depth of her feelings and will never try to take advantage of them. Can she be unfaithful? Yes, it is possible if she goes through depression because of a bad relationship.

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