Moon in Capricorn Woman

Moon in Capricorn woman is a very responsible and dignified air about you. You are conservative and respect tradition. But you have an emotionally reserved and cautious nature that can come off as being cold. Behind closed doors, feeling more secure, youโ€™re more likely to let go and let the "real you" come out. You are very serious and opportunistic, strongly identifying with material rather than spiritual values. One of your best qualities is that youโ€™re ambitious and will work hard to achieve status, position and financial security. However, because you are driven toward seeking money and power, you may selfishly pursue your own interests. Fortunately, operating with honesty and integrity is important to you.

Capricorn Moon Woman

A woman who has moon in Capricorn is the epitome of maturity, independence, and carefulness. She is always aware of what she wants in life and definitely more serious than those carrying other moon signs. She too believes in hard work and if she has a good skill she will manage to brush it up more so that it takes her to a higher spot.

Emotionally, she is strong and at the same time feminine. But most of the time, she keeps her cheerful side in control. This basically explains why she appears serious to others. Because of this same reason, many end up concluding that she is unfeeling and mean. Sure once angered, Capricorn moon will not allow her to shy away from exploding. But she definitely is not too mean, but more in tune with reality. Whether others like it or not, she only says what she thinks has a dose of realism. Additionally, Capricorn moon makes her give into traditions connected to maintaining social status. That is why, she can choose to tie the knot in her 20s and conceive earlier.

Although not extremely romantic, her needs in a relationship are very simple. In fact, she is a boon for all those who are independent and disciplined by nature, and have a good job and interest in marriage. Apparently, she has no time for relationships that yield to nothing at the end. Also she is not fond of clingy and unstable lovers.

Faithfulness is extremely important to this lady. This is also another reason why she has no time for unstable lovers. She definitely despises cheaters and has no interest in cheating on her own boyfriend or husband. Once in a relationship, she tries her best to maintain it through serious approach and certain amount of compromise. But yes, she does need some time in the middle to focus on her own life and career.

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