Moon in Leo Woman

Moon in Leo woman is a warm and emotionally proud person who seeks to be loved, admired and appreciated. With a flair for the dramatic, you like to entertain and be the center of attention. While dignified, you have a strong need for romance and affection. But there is a tendency for you to be self-centered and act like a diva (or king or queen, which of course you are). You can be quite stubborn and take it very personally when you’re criticized. Your need to love and be loved is an emotional drive that tends to give you an upbeat and sunny disposition. You enjoy creating a beautiful home and like to oversee and control your domestic environment.

Leo Moon Woman

The woman whose mind is controlled by Leo moon is usually very playful. Just tease her in a sweet manner like a mother cat and you will hear her chirp like a bird. This is her way of expressing her playful side. Yet sometimes she can be quite an arrogant person. If her parents have been strict with her she will keep this behavior of her somewhat hidden. But if they have pampered her too much she will go out of control with it. Personality wise, the woman with Leo moon is very freedom loving, but she has no problem in sacrificing some of it for the sake of her loved ones.

Before we came to know that a man with Leo moon likes the idea of networking to expand his career. For the woman with Leo moon, it is not the same. Her strategy is to use her own skills and charisma to bring in career opportunities. In simpler term, she gives off an air of “I have it all” in an extremely confident manner. People just cannot resist that. So they prefer to flock to her with job or project opportunities.

Unfortunately, the love life of this woman is not always colorful. She wants to be treated royally in relationships, but most of her men do not understand it. Consequently, breakups take place. Also this woman does not tolerate anyone playing with her ego. Now what that supposed to mean? Well, as mentioned before, Leo moon enjoys limelight and compliments. The female carrier wants them to be coming specifically from her partner. If her partner does not get it and ends up treating her just like any other girlfriend her ego gets swollen. Expect this to create arguments in her relationships.

Interestingly, the woman with Leo moon likes to get into a relationship with the hope to turn it into a marriage someday. Sometimes this hope can be so intense for her that she might even accept engagements. But her dominating behavior and unsatisfied thirst for the right amount of attention bring them to end.

Actually, this woman needs a man who will appreciate her personality and beauty. A little bit of passiveness will also work like magic. But is this woman faithful? The answer to it is yes. Keep in mind that Leo is a fixed sign.

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