Moon in Sagittarius Woman

Moon in Sagittarius woman is optimistic and have a very idealistic emotional nature. Something inside you is drawn to adventure, travel and even living in a foreign country (or even having a relationship with someone from another culture). But you need a great deal of personal freedom to explore and donโ€™t like getting stuck in any routine too long. Heavy responsibilities can feel very restricting for you, causing you to want to escape. You enjoy philosophizing, discussing social values, the spiritual realm and even religion. But you need to be careful, because you do have the potential to be arrogant and a bit of a proselytizer.

Sagittarius Moon Woman

A woman with moon in Sagittarius can go through quite a lot of emotional turmoil. Influenced by mutability, she wishes to go with the flow of the society, but deep down inside she actually wants to have an individualistic lifestyle. The latter gets the highest priority.

It is usually seen that a woman is cleverer than the man in utilizing the positive side of moon in Sagittarius. Her emotions are filled with bravery for which she educates herself well, makes many friends from different backgrounds and tries her best to keep herself happy. Also she is more capable than the man in practicing diplomacy.

In love, she learns from her mistakes. Basically, as a young girl, she falls for the wrong men. It is all due to her impulsiveness about relationships. During this specific time, she does not think about the type of men she dates. Such things do not matter. All she wants is love. But then comes a time when her relationships with them go haywire. This sure gives her tremendous pain because she is sensitive in love.

Good news is that as she starts moving on from it, she learns to make herself more selective about her future partner. This is when she listens to her head more. The process also makes her more fearless. So when a new date does not live up to her expectations she feels no pain in dropping him.

Her type of man is actually someone who does not push the tradition of his parental home on her. And yes, she needs a friend first and then a boyfriend. So it is okay for him to be not too passionate. But is she faithful? Yes because her morals are stronger.

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