Moon in Taurus Woman

Moon in Taurus woman emotional well-being is connected to your need for material security which is why you often attract wealth to your life. Youโ€™re always conscious of looking out for your own interests. You tend to be conservative, steady and dependable with a great deal of common sense in both domestic and financial matters. A stable domestic home life is essential to your emotional security. Your sensuous nature causes you to enjoy good food, great music, earthy sex, and all the material comforts of life. However, your tendency to be stubborn can make it difficult for you to make changes in your emotional behavior.

Taurus Moon Woman

Taurus moon woman is extremely feminine. She is interested in makeup, jewelry, fashionable clothes, sewing, cooking, decorating home and so forth. So do not get surprised if she presents you her handmade quilt. She is also very inquisitive about nature. More than parties, she enjoys hanging out in the garden and park. Most often she is not judgmental. Consequently, she is not as territorial as her male counterpart. Still she prefers to be friends only with females. This lady is conservative and shy by nature. That is why; she finds more comfort in the circle of women.

Negatively, the Taurus moon woman can suffer from over sensitive taste bud and nose. This makes her instantly reject things that give off odor. Additionally, she is not fond of travelling. She sees her home as her ultimate world. In love and relationship, the Taurus moon girl wants to play the role of a wife by feeding and taking care of her partner. No matter what her family background is, in her mind, love for her partner will always be stable. So we can conclude that she is faithful.

When she is single she is not love sick, but does devote herself to dreaming about her soul mate day and night. Now what type of man is preferred by her? She does not have huge expectations, but yes, he must be good looking and tremendously faithful. Taurus moon is a jealous sign. It also despises competitions. For this reason, she cannot stand men who have wandering eyes.

A short lived relationship is not for this woman, for she gets intensely hurt from breakups. Venus ruling her mind is the problem. It makes her too attached to the one she loves. Seeing him leave is completely unimaginable to her. Thus, moving on is not the easiest thing for her. But this is not all. The heartbreak also ends up affecting her life in a very negative manner.

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