Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune in Aquarius dreams of independence and freedom. They may be a bit unconventional, yet idealistic. They are loyal to their friends and their beliefs. They may appear rather eccentric. Sensitive and passionate, they have plenty of zeal to fuel their aspirations.

Aquarius Neptune at their best is altruistic. They wish to save the entire world from their ills. They may be seen as dreamers or visionaries. At their worst, they tend to bring everything they touch into disgrace.

They may have talents in bringing people together or introducing new technology, energy or a higher consciousness. Aquarius Neptune is a natural humanitarian, and they want to do all they can to help others, with as much compassion and emotion as Neptune bestows. They are not cynics or skeptical, either. Religion is not a big deal for them. Modernization is their theme in all things.

There is a blurring of the lines between science and mysticism for Neptune in Aquarius. They never lose their sense of awe. If you try to get them to read the old dry academic texts, you will not succeed. They feel like they need to break away from the ordinary; the traditional. Boundaries are made to be broken or crossed.

Weakening the Web

At a social level, Neptune in Aquarius can represent the weakening or actual dissolution or death of loosely affiliated groups of people; like a suburban neighbourhood or a group of tourists or commuters, especially those travelling by air or sea.

It can also be an indication of some deception, fraud, or trickery that affects a whole community or nation, and which results in a large segment of the population feeling disengaged from their society and its leaders. Corporate bankruptcies and dubious election ’victories’ are good examples of this effect.

More abstractly, it can stand for the undermining of lofty humanitarian ideals or new, innovative schemes and of any enterprise which is founded on such ideals and schemes. Concretely it can represent chaotic conditions in public corporations and modern technology, especially those involving the supply of electricity, the electronic communication of thoughts and ideas (telecommunications and computers in general, and the internet in particular) and air and sea travel.

We’ve already seen problems with electricity supply in California, the ridiculously over inflated dot-com boom and subsequent bust, and the advent of more virulent computer viruses. Continuing outbreaks of foot and mouth disease (an airborne virus) are another example.

Neptune in Aquarius is also an indicator of inclement weather where both wind and water are involved, eg., cyclones. Of course, with Uranus also in Aquarius, we’d see sudden and catastrophic upsets in all these areas when both Uranus and Neptune are activated by transit. Note that Uranus and Neptune are often linked to revolutionary and idealistic movements or beliefs, while the pairing of Uranus and Neptune represents "the elimination of waking consciousness".

Selfless Service

More positively, Neptune in Aquarius will move some people to selfless service, or self-sacrifice, on behalf of their fellows and those who have been victimised. So, while Neptune’s stay in Aquarius will be characterized by tragic events in which groups of people suffer, such events can serve to unify a community or nation by bringing about a widespread outpouring of sensitivity, compassion, and/or spirituality in response to that suffering.

At the political level we’ll see examples of the idealisation of the Aquarian principles of liberty, equality and fraternity, yet at the same time there will be a consensus of opinion that it is necessary to curtail certain rights and freedoms of the individual.

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