Neptune in Cancer

Neptune in Gemini is versatile, especially when it comes to education, communication and children. They may have an idealized view of the world. They can also be easily fooled because they tend to become blinded by their passions. They are easy to get along with, and they can often achieve much in the fields of communication or logical reasoning.

Gemini Neptune is gifted mentally. They may possess talents with the occult, they may be able to prophesy, or they may be able to inspire. They are sensitive to vibrations in their surroundings. They may be terrific speakers or writers; if they go in another direction they may excel in math or mechanics.

They may also have problems concentrating. They may have restless minds that are wavering or inclined towards fraud or deception. They may end up being taken advantage of by others.

Gemini Neptune likes fiction and poetry. They possess great curiosity about paranormal phenomena, astrology and the rest of the metaphysical topics. They may be non-emotional about religion, and they easily see the flaws in religious dogma. They need to work hard not to become nothing but empty words.

It takes work to keep their heart in everything they do. They can be brilliant at explaining the darkest mystery, or they can just babble. Clarity of mind is necessary for Neptune in Gemini to bring wisdom to the surface for us all to learn from.

Personality Profile

As a water sign in astrology, Cancer zodiac sign people are known to be ruled by their emotions. This is why Neptune in Cancer follow their instincts on everything, no matter what the inspiration for it. While some may see their actions as illogical, those closest to them know they are only acting on feeling.

Neptune is symbolic of intuition, spiritual awakening, beauty, drama, fantasies and illusions. Because they are so in-tune with their emotions, Neptune in Cancer is well aware of their goals and dreams and what is needed to achieve them.

The only problem is they can get too caught up in the ideal version of these dreams which can make them unattainable. Sometimes reality gets to be too much for them and they would rather shy away from conflict than deal with it head-on. Just like the crab that symbolizes their star sign, they tend to hide out when things get rough and wait for the dust to settle.

They can be too involved with a fictional scenario to see that their goal is achievable, as long as they look at it in realistic terms. While they are incredibly intuitive to other people’s feelings and needs, they sometimes have trouble dealing with their own.

Cancer Neptune Sign: Positive Traits

The Neptune in Cancer person makes a great counselor. (Take a career astrology reading to know the most suitable job for you). They can empathize with the longing some people experience when things aren’t going their way, and they are great at giving advice.

Their inspiration comes from helping others and feeling needed by their loved ones. They feel at-one with nature when they are at home, peacefully enjoying the cozy environment they have created for themselves and their family. Family is very important to them, as is keeping tradition alive.

Cancer Neptune Sign: Negative Traits

The Cancer Neptune sign people sometimes feel lost when things change within their social circle, for they want everything to stay the same. They grow comfortable with a certain situation and specific people, and they want to maintain that status for as long as possible.

This means Neptune in Cancer sometimes try to manipulate things so that they end up in their favor. But that’s only because they are so committed to the way things are. They are never malicious in attempting this kind of control.

They simply can’t stand it when things aren’t the way they feel they should be to maintain security. This is where they can become confused or depressed, because they put forth so much effort to keep things stable.

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