Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces is selfless. They want to serve others, trying to alleviate their physical problems as well as their spiritual ones. They can be self-sacrificing, impressionable, and inspirational. On the other hand, they may be co-dependent, gullible and passive. They are not natural leaders. They may have addiction issues if they are not strong enough to keep themselves away.

Pisces Neptune has gifts with mysticism and the occult. They are compassionate, well-liked and may be the recipient of aid from others, who give willingly to this needy little beam of sunshine.

Pisces Neptune loves the arts. They like to express themselves creatively in art, music or drama. They will spend vast amounts of time wrestling with the ultimate questions in life or in learning about paranormal phenomena. They may live in a greatly enhanced state of consciousness or feel that all in creation are part of the one. They let go of previous perceptions of reality for the new consciousness they feel rising about them.

Neptune in Pisces is raw emotion personified. It transcends everything else about them, and may lead them to amazing clarity or delusion. When they decide to fight, they expect to win or die a martyr, and so feel they have nothing to lose. This can be dangerous in some cases. They are willing to lose all in the name of their cause.

The Occult and the Paranormal

Neptune will be in Pisces for many years to come, so his influence won’t be felt every day or even in terms of weeks or months unless one of the factors in your own personal chart is affected directly. From time to time, circumstances will announce the power, probably when you experience a much deeper interest in the occult and the paranormal. Higher levels of spiritual understanding and growth will seem within your grasp, but only too often snatched away.

We must consciously avoid destructive emotions: indulging in self-pity, guilt, inadequacy and fear. These are the negative potentials of Neptune in Pisces. We may have difficulty in seeing or detecting those who wish us harm, but our intuition and sensitivity is heightened at these times, so we must learn to trust our hearts.

Many will be drawn to explore the deeper side of life, working in secret religious or occult groups to attain mystical experience and paranormal powers. Governments and large institutions will also be inclined to carry on concealed experimentation in such seemingly off-the-wall directions as remote viewing, telepathic communication, psychokinesis and super-enhanced military forces.

Talking out our fears and issues is likely to be less than productive, for we may not have a clear sense of exactly what the trouble is. It is better to concentrate on gaining greater spiritual or psychic growth under this transit. In the most positive instances, however, our instincts and intuition may be so heightened as to become a sort of ESP. To avoid the storm, seek the advice and guidance of trusted allies.

No one needs to feel unnecessarily victimized. Those who are strongly affected may lead a more confined or isolated existence during this phase, or somehow become more involved with those who do. Monasteries, ashrams, asylums and prisons all seem to radiate a spiritual attraction—or perhaps a fated one!

Go to Top Imagination and Fantasy

More positively, Neptune in Pisces will move many of us to selfless service, or self-sacrifice, on behalf of those who have been victimised. So, while Neptune’s stay in Pisces will be characterised by mysterious, seemingly fantastic events in which large numbers of people suffer, such events can serve to unify a community or nation by bringing about a widespread outpouring of sensitivity, compassion, and/or spirituality in response to that suffering. Imagination and fantasy will come to the fore, especially in movies and media, 3D games, fashion and sexual expression.

Many will seek to withdraw from society, taking up a religious, artistic, or possibly even hermetic existence. Society however, will be more inclined to care for its misfits. Even though Neptune does stimulate a deeper awareness, it is also inclined to produce delusion and deception, even fanaticism, religious mania and mass hysteria. Mass delusions can take hold of affected societies, such as for example the Tulip Mania of the 1600’s, or the South Sea Bubble of the 1700’s, the Witch Mania of the Inquisition, Social Revolution, Anti-Semitism, McCarthyism, or more recently the DotCom bubble and the Financial Boom (and Bust) in the past decade.

Some believe that Neptune’s move into Pisces will mark a phase that features more personal fulfilment, through the abandonment of the ego, the use of imagination and selfless caring for others, along with a less selfish abuse of the world’s resources. Perhaps even a time of spiritual awakening. This is an unduly hopeful view of a phase that will surely be more emotional, because emotions tend to be unconscious motivators, which Neptune as a massive subliminal force is sure to be.

The mass mind, or collective unconscious, tends to react blindly, rather than consciously, and so expresses the fears and delusions, rather than the higher expressions of a sacred path. As things associated with Neptune are likely to become stronger and more resonant during this phase, we need to gird up our loins in order to deal with natural factors that are likely to be experienced as destructive.

Boots Hart also points out that as Neptune now enters the sign of its greatest potency, the Age of Pisces is on the way out. Things that our society have taken as given over the past 2,000 years or so are encountering a shift of dynamic, an essential purification. 2011 has already given us a foretaste. Many great evils will emerge during this phase, and in order for us to overcome them, we first need to purge them from our souls. Astrology helps us to be objective about these problematic circumstances, but also can guide us to times when personal action is most likely to succeed. A deep understanding of astrology is like opening a doorway into the meaning of life, an initiation into the secrets of the world. It’s a beautiful thing!

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