Neptune in Sagittarius

Neptune in Sagittarius is intuitive and may have psychic talents. They want experiences that expand their senses and spirit. They have the potential to understand the meaning life on a deeper level. At the same time, they may be challenged to develop sound judgment or be overly emotional or indecisive.

They are idealistic, love grand ideas and usually enjoy sports. Travel, religion, politics, philosophy and spending time with others like them bring much joy.

Sagittarius Neptune knows how to refine facts and belief into a tolerant, free environment. They can be very sensitive to these matters. They are normally tolerant, but sometimes it is because they are so blinded by their ideals they can’t see reality. They have the ability to overcome these challenges if they are willing to work on it.

Sagittarius Neptune will be miserable if they dream only of distress or danger. These fears can take over their life if they are not careful. They much prefer the vision they have of enlightenment reaching into the realms of religion and philosophy. They may also find themselves fascinated by UFOs, prophecy and other forms of unusual phenomena. This can lead to speculation or fantasy that may be taken more seriously than it ought to be.

Neptune in Sagittarius can become a fanatic about their causes unless they learn that delicate balance. This is difficult for them to do. They much prefer one answer one truth. Acknowledging there may be more to an answer than black and white can be very challenging for them. Once they meet this challenge, they can be more compassionate towards the plights of others.

Personality Profile

As a fire sign, Sagittarius is unable to sit still for very long. That’s why Neptune in Sagittarius is able to find inspiration wherever they go – it’s the traveling that keeps them excited about life. They love meeting new people, learning new things and building upon their wealth of knowledge.

Neptune represents instinct, illusion, spiritual enlightenment, chaos, addictions, mystery, fantasies. For Neptune in Sagittarius, they thrive on a variety of exciting and uplifting experiences. They are always on the go and will drop everything to take a surprise trip. They aren’t interested in day-to-day activities or responsibilities; they don’t have the time for such mundane things.

Sagittarius Neptune Sign: Positive Traits

Neptune in Sagittarius people are always seeking the next adventure to keep their mind sharp and constantly expanding. They love a challenge and thrive on overcoming adversity. That’s part of how they remain so active. They go where they have never been before and explore the region.

And all this happens without a plan so they can remain as spontaneous as possible. They go everywhere with an open mind and an open heart, which helps them to make new friends, but can also lead them into precarious situations if they aren’t careful.

If you can appeal to their desire to learn, you may be able to teach them a different viewpoint. Once they realize there is more than one right answer to something, they will be able to show more compassion toward other people. It’s important for Neptune in Sagittarius to realize that not everything can be simplified down to two sides.

Sagittarius Neptune Sign: Negative Traits

The main thing Sagittarius Neptune zodiac sign has to be cautious of is overstepping boundaries. Because they are so knowledgeable about an array of subjects, they can also be quite opinionated. They can become obsessed with a cause or social issue that blinds them to others’ thoughts and ideas about the topic.

And they get so excited they tend to try and force their beliefs onto other people. This is never done in a malicious way. Mind you – they simply want to share their knowledge and viewpoint with the world to draw their attention to something they think is extremely important.

Their fiery passion sometimes overwhelms their better judgment, making them seem almost like a bully at times. Be delicate when confronting them about this, though, because they often don’t realize what they are doing.

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