Pluto in Libra

Pluto in Libra may be a bit compulsive. They want to understand the world around them, but they may act before thinking. They really want to appear as if they are in control. They work very diligently at making all of their relationships work. This is their way of transforming themselves and others. Some may be unconventional, while others are very traditional in how they view these relationships.

Libra Pluto loves art and they respond best to the art that makes a strong impression on the viewer. Fairness and justice is very important to them, and they may help reform laws to make things more equitable. They are fairly diplomatic, but may get very angry when they see injustice. Ultimately they wish to create harmony. Fighting and discord cause them pain. They are able to dive right in to a situation, however and wade through all the unpleasantness to create that peace.

Pluto in Libra has the gift of compromise. They can find a middle ground in almost any issue. That issue where there is no middle ground and one side will definitely lose is the hardest situation for Libra Pluto to deal with. They may become immobilized and do nothing.

Personality Profile

Being represented by the scales in astrology, Libra seeks to restore balance and harmony in all things. This is why Pluto in Libra works so hard to maintain peace and prosperity. The only kind of change they accept is the change that they create themselves by bringing order to a chaotic situation.

Pluto is symbolic of generational changes, renewal, spiritual development, and obsession with power. As seekers of injustice, Pluto in Libra knows all too well the hidden problems behind a great deal of social and worldly issues. They are always on a quest for truth. They study the facts of any problem and come up with a viable solution.

Libra Pluto Sign: Positive Traits

The Libra Pluto sign people have to learn to step back once in a while and focus on all the joy in their life, rather than looking for injustice. As social butterflies they should be out and about more, talking about fun topics and laughing at silly matters. This will help them to keep things in perspective, rather than getting upset or concerned about every little problem. The best way for them to grow personally or develop their character is to let go of their need to maintain a perfect balance in life and go with the flow.

Their ability to compromise is unmatched and allows them to look at both sides of an issue and figure out a fair deal. And this doesnโ€™t stop at fixing problems at work. They want to do this for everyone in their life. Their close social circle often seeks them out for counsel and answers, and they are happy to provide them.

Libra Pluto Sign: Negative Traits

The only time this zodiac sign has any trouble with this concept is in their own life. This is when Pluto in Libra becomes indecisive, because they are often too close to the issue to make an informed decision. Since they can understand all sides of an issue, they have trouble figuring out the best solution for them.

Because of this, they often try to leave the situation alone or else make someone else decide. This is especially true in their relationships. Even though they want whatโ€™s best for themselves and their partner, they sometimes have trouble figuring out what that is.

They appreciate simplicity and beauty, and often times relationships are complicated or messy. This means they will attempt several different options when trying to solve a problem, some positive while others are more negative. This can drive their partner crazy if they get too caught up in looking for middle ground that might not be there.


Pluto in Libra canโ€™t stand not finding an answer, and will hem and haw for a long time before making a final decision. This is where their struggle for power begins, because they feel they are the most suitable person to bring about a resolution. And this can divide them from their partner if they want to get in on the conversation.

The one thing Pluto in Libra has to be careful of is getting lost in their search for the perfect solution. While they are looking for the deeper meaning of something, the world continues to revolve around them, and they can get left behind.

While they excel at developing creative proposals, they can become obsessed with executing them correctly. The best thing for them to do is relax.

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