Aquarius Rising Sign

Aquarius Rising is a unique individual, first and foremost, and they won’t let you forget it! Many will seek them out for advice because they come across as intellectuals that are approachable. In fact, Aquarius Ascendant is very curious, and frequently very well educated. They may show interest in anything that advances the human race. They are humanitarian, idealistic, tolerant and impartial for the most part.

Aquarius Rising thinks they have seen everything, so it is difficult to shock them. Actually, they like to shock those around them. They really enjoy getting a response from others. They may have a quiet, irreverent sense of humor that others find endearing, if a bit offbeat.

Aquarius Rising is a likable person and very friendly to everyone they meet. They get along with people from all walks of life, easily accepting them all as equals. They are unique in that they can pull off appearing detached and aloof while also appearing kind and caring it is a study in contradictions.

Aquarius Ascendant may feel "special" or "different" and they have felt that way their entire life. Sometimes they feel like they are excluded from everyone else, like they are outside the window looking in. They have the ability to observe and deduce what needs to be done. They are also very good at puzzling out how to get things to work. This talent also works with groups of people. This ability serves them well if they work as a manager or in some manner that facilitates people working together.

Aquarius Rising expresses their individuality clearly, but not in a way that makes them stand out oddly. For example, they may dress well, with an accessory that makes them stand out just enough to make them interesting. While they are very open to new ideas, they can also be extremely stubborn. They can be decidedly inflexible, and at times may try to force others to agree with their opinions.

They may not see the small details, only the big picture, which may cause them to overlook the needs of those closest to them. They are independent. They are unaffected by status, wealth or power. When they take an interest in someone, it is for their own sake, not any outside influence. They easily attract friends, and acquaintances come like moths to a flame.

Aquarius Rising loves to play devil’s advocate and take part in a good argument. They like personal freedom, so this can be a potential issue when they marry. Their restless nature can push them to seek a more stimulating environment if the one they are in isn’t meeting their needs mentally or physically. Aquarius Ascendant can be unpredictable and may behave in a contradictory fashion.

Aquarius Rising is extremely interested in the future and the past, but they may get lost when it comes to the present. They may appear to be a bit out of step with their contemporaries. They are likely to be interested in music, design, science or sociology. They may have physical issues with their circulation or with arthritis.

Ascendant in Aquarius Man

Men with the Ascendant in Aquarius are quite rebellious people, easily carried away and looking for their ideal all their lives. It seems to them that there is a better life and better people out there, beyond the horizon. Therefore, often such men easily converge and just as easily break off relations with partners. Such men are difficult to call home and family, family and children — this is not what attracts them. Therefore, it is difficult to expect a stable union with such a man. To tame such a man is also difficult (read - it’s impossible), even after ten years of marriage, he can break off and fly away from the family nest, waving his wings goodbye.

Ascendant in Aquarius Woman

Women with the Ascendant in Aquarius are a little more accommodating and stable than men with such Ascendant. And here the reason lies, of course, in the most feminine nature. They are less independent, but more affectionate. Nevertheless, quite a lot of representatives of this Ascendant live life, flying from branch to branch, especially without thinking about the future, easily joining partnership unions and just as easily ripping them apart. They usually have a lot of friends (both women and men) and a fairly large circle of friends.

Ascendant in Aquarius Child

A child with an ascendant in Aquarius likes to be always different. He gets pleasure from it. Likes to be original in everything, whether it is unusual appearance or eccentric behavior. It’s a little inventor. He likes to be shown something, explained. Very lively, with its rather non-trivial ideas and ideas. Feels very uncomfortable when you have to obey some rules. Try not to stop him from showing himself.

Spiritual Interpretation of Aquarius Rising

You pursue your spiritual path along three distinct lines:

  1. Self-serving personal aggrandizement that shifts into the service of humanity.
  2. Selfish attention to material superficiality that transforms into spiritual activity to serve a divine purpose.
  3. Self-conscious activity on the interpersonal level that changes to broader humanitarian awareness.

Each of these three tendencies is expressed in alternating activities, and it may be difficult to sort out what your lower and higher motivations are at any given time.

You have the capacity to think through situations. You can work with your physical desire motivations, your emotional attachments, and your mental processes to discern your typical behaviors and their motivations. As you do this, you encounter situations where your spiritual motivation is paired with a self-serving method. When this happens, you have the opportunity to change your tactics.

It is the movement that is important, not the precise content or direction. Your rising sign governs the circulation of blood through your body. Allow the metaphor of circulation to pervade your interactions with others and your communion with yourself. Permit the possibility in all your activities that your perceived goal is not the end of a process, but simply a milestone along the larger path.

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