Ascendant in Aquarius Baby

Individualist, whose first reaction to an unfamiliar situation is sociability. Time-tested methods and traditional worldviews are not for him, he wants to experience something new, different from the home environment. A child with an ascendant in Aquarius will bring strange friends to the house, want to have some exotic animal. He believes that all people are equal, and can from an early age become interested in social reforms and take part in public actions against injustice or infringement of the rights of the dispossessed.

This advocate of equality may not accept the authority of parents and other adults, unless he is absolutely sure of their impartiality. A child with an ascendant in Aquarius is not inclined to open feelings and is rather cool-headed. From the side it seems that the child lives in his own, unusually interesting world and does not need public support. The key word is friendliness. In an unfamiliar situation, a person with an ascendant in Aquarius reacts with interest, openly, enthusiastically, showing a philanthropy, eccentricity, originality.

Aquarius Rising Children

Ruled by rebellious Uranus, there is usually something about these children that seems different. These children just don’t fit in, and unlike Virgo or Capricorn Rising, they usually don’t mind one little bit. If raised in a secure home environment, they enjoy and celebrate being “weird” and love to ruffle other people’s feathers! These children tend to be progressive and idealistic from a young age. They really need to rebel against something, so if they are happy at home, they will rebel against injustices in the world.

They tend to be revolutionary and original in their thinking and ahead of their time. They often have a special talent with science, electric things and/or computers. They have a wide range of friends and are usually very socially connected, or should be. They feel most secure with a strong parental influence who respects their individuality, guiding them confidently at home. This allows them to take their places as leaders of change in the world. Remember that they need to be given lots of room for self-direction or else their energy will be dissipated in rebelliousness.

Your child has a dreamy character, an emotional nature. He is interested in everything new, this is a little inventor. He likes to be shown something, explained. Very lively, with its rather non-trivial ideas and ideas. He may seem like a child prodigy — but then he does not disappoint you, you should not only admire him, but also help him find the sphere of application of his abilities.

He can learn very well, the trouble is that some objects do not interest him at all. In addition, he developed a sense of contradiction. Here the role of the father is significant, and a solid line of upbringing is possible. But he must believe that his parents love him. It is good to get him a pet, it would stimulate the development of his ideas about the living world.

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