Ascendant in Aries Baby

A spirit-free person whose first reaction to an unfamiliar situation is action. Restless by nature, Aries prefers to act directly, like his ruler Mars. A child with an ascendant in Aries is sociable and self-willed. He rarely shows his fear externally. He is ambitious and demonstrates the desire for rivalry, even when it is inappropriate. A child with an ascendant in Aries willingly enters a battle, striving to always control the situation, because of what is sometimes too aggressive, but at the same time brave and dynamic.

Children with an ascendant in Aries must be taught to cooperate, accept their defeats and develop true self-confidence, independent of victory. In addition, the baby must learn to think before acting. A child with an ascendant in Aries is energetic and energetic, he will want to do everything in his own way. The key word is action. In an unfamiliar situation, a child with an ascendant in Aries reacts openly and directly, takes the initiative and speaks first, showing vigor, enthusiasm, ambition.

Aries Rising Children

These children are ruled by Mars, the planet of war and passion– and they are headstrong and independent. Bright, eager and full of energy, they tend to assert themselves confidently, sometimes acting before really thinking. They need lots of fun and stimulation and may have trouble sitting down and listening. These children often have tempers. They love sports and active games and are competitive, so you can usually engage their cooperation with a challenge and plenty of outlets for energy.

These children benefit from the discipline and challenge of sports activities, and can be soothed by a harmonious and peaceful home life. Teach them to use their abundant energy to challenge themselves and buoy others, for there bouncy and usually optimistic energy can be a bright spot to lift other people’s spirits.

Your child shows greater independence and sufficient willpower. He seeks to immediately implement all of his ideas in practice. He speaks quickly, abruptly. Bully, fidgety, walks in bruises. His energy needs some ways out. Let him go in for sports. He wants — let him go on hikes, go to study in another city. In education, he needs a firm hand, which he will not give in, otherwise he will quickly become unbearable.

He sees the world as an attachment to himself. With other people, he is trusting and simple-minded. If he is scolded, he becomes boring, sluggish and falls into depression. The insult quickly forgets, it is only necessary to warm it up and caress it. In no case can he be deceived: he will consider this a betrayal. He does not tolerate pain, he is afraid of dental doctors. On the head and face can have scars and moles.

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