Ascendant in Cancer Baby

An attentive person whose first reaction to an unfamiliar situation is attention. Shy by nature, a child with an ascendant in Cancer is strongly attached to the home and the mother and reluctantly accepts changes in the surrounding environment, hiding from unpleasant sensations. He is very sensitive and, if offended, quickly closes in himself, becoming gloomy and detached. He is frightened by rude words and loud voices, he often cries. These children love to take care of puppets, pets, younger children, and if they feel safe, they are adorable and generous.

A balanced, loving, safe atmosphere in the family contributes to the development of self-confidence, which otherwise may cause problems. A child with an ascendant in Cancer seeks stability and, in order to cope with the new situation, needs physical and moral protection. Any separation turns for him into a real tragedy, he needs to be surrounded by familiar objects. The key word is sensitivity. In a new situation, children with an ascendant in Cancer react timidly, but, being receptive to the feelings of others, demonstrate sensitivity, sense of humor and caring.

Cancer Rising Children

These children are ruled by the moon and their moods may seem to change with the moon phases. They are usually gentle and sweet and also tend to be shy and reserved at first. Sometimes they may be shy and reserved even with their own family. Other times they are goofy. They are very sensitive and will withdraw into a chilly, dignified silence if they feel offended, which may be often. But they are easily drawn out again by sincere kindness and affection.

These children are very family-oriented. They are usually very bonded to their parents and the things they learn from their parents in childhood will continue to have a huge affect on their lives as they go through their adult lives, more so than for other risings signs, because Cancer Risingโ€™s tend to romanticize and cling to the past. These children, boys and girls, love babies and tend to be wonderful and responsible big brothers and sisters. Music and arts, especially photography, will help them find an outlet for their grumpier moods.

Your child is very sensitive, so that others and parents often do not understand what is happening to him. A closed expression, silent attention, which makes it difficult to understand what he thinks. He has a strong emotional connection with his family and relatives, so he is very traumatized by the quarrels between his parents and deprives him of his life support.

He takes offense sincerely and deeply. He should not be denied affection, and should be established with him as intimate as possible, so that he would tell everything that happens to him. He has a rich imagination, often he composes fairy tales, amazing stories. It is necessary to encourage his participation in childrenโ€™s events (for example, performing at the New Year tree) and, if necessary, to help find a friend. If he has trouble or failure (for example, deuce), one should be comforted, and say that nothing terrible has happened.

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