Ascendant in Gemini Baby

A lively and direct person whose first reaction to an unfamiliar situation is communication. Flexible, like a willow twig, changeable like the wind, a child with an ascendant in Gemini embodies all the features of a forest elf or fairy. In infancy, he will happily coo, early start to creep and walk, driven by the desire to explore the world around him. His distinctive feature is restlessness, he does not like when something restrains him. It is difficult for him to detain attention for a long time on the same activity. He will have many bright one-day toys, to which he quickly loses interest.

The need for communication makes him talkative, and activities that require immobility and silence will tire both the child and the parents. A teenager with an ascendant in Gemini will appear younger than their peers, this is a real Peter Pen. He constantly demands change. The key word is diversity. In an unfamiliar situation, a child with an ascendant in Gemini reacts by talkativeness, quickly establishes contact, demonstrating intellect, wit and curiosity.

Gemini Rising Children

These children, ruled by Mercury, are bookish and sharp and playful. They may be sarcastic or dry and often speak very articulately for their age. They often seem a little unusual, something a little bit more grown-up about them. They require independence or else they will assert it through mischief. If you want to develop a strong relationship with your Gemini Rising child, talk to her about what she is reading, and about what you are reading, and about the world around her, and give her freedom to roam in her social circles. She is always eager to soak up knowledge.

These children benefit from being grounded with high ideals and a sense of adventure about the world around them. Help them use their book smarts to make lofty goals and let them accomplish them at their own pace. They are likely to change their minds frequently but this is part of the learning process for a Gemini Rising. Sometimes these children can seem a little cold but they need cuddles and hugs as much as anyone.

Your child will please his parents with early development, the rapid assimilation of words and letters, and, later, success in learning. He himself and his thoughts are like one whole, a continuous impulse. He is terribly curious, always runs where something is happening. He reads everything that comes to hand — and is inclined to scatter. Now and then he loses something, he forgets, therefore from his early years he must be taught to discipline.

Character easy, changeable. The mood is unstable. He is bored when there is nobody to talk to, and there are no new events. It develops well under the influence of the environment, communication, contacts. Your child has a strong charm, and he is often forgiven for all of his sins. This game is useful games with a computer and sophisticated technical toys. It is necessary to explain to him their device. Pay attention to sex education, encouraging interest in the opposite sex.

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