Ascendant in Leo Baby

A bright person whose first reaction to an unfamiliar situation is to attract attention. A child with an ascendant in Leo does what distinguish him from others, experiencing a special predilection for creative activities: singing, dancing, posing, acting and changing clothes. Driven by pride and pride, a child with an ascendant in Leo wants to appear strong and confident and can try to command others. Self-esteem extends to everything external: the Leo seeks to possess expensive, exquisite, even defiantly luxurious objects that make an impression on others.

He attaches great importance to beauty and is proud of his appearance, due to which he enjoys popularity. A man as an ascendant in Leo tries to be generous and stylish in order to win attention and approval. He needs to explain the difference between the outer shell and the inner essence. Among other things, he has the makings of a leader. Self-esteem is the main stimulus of his activity. This makes him an extrovert. The key word is dramatism. In a new situation, a child with an ascendant in Leo reacts warmly and affably, willingly tells about himself, showing good nature, generosity and self-confidence.

Leo Rising Children

These children, ruled by the Sun, are proud and have a sense of nobility. They also have a dramatic flair and some may act as though they are constantly in the spotlight: they usually are. These children tend to be popular and become natural leaders among their peers. Boys or girls, they are very aware of their image and may change their outfits frequently or fuss with their hair quite a bit. This is not because they are vain (although they may be), but because they are very visually sensitive to the impression that their manner and appearance makes.

They can be easily encouraged to be generous and helpful and responsible by appealing to their high standards of personal conduct. But they are also much more sensitive than they seem– be sure to offer plenty of validation! You will engage their cooperation by being respectful and allowing them to explore their artistic outlets. They benefit from being encouraged to not be afraid to experiment and be themselves, and by encouraging them to use their popularity to champion positive causes.

Your little child already from the earliest age has a sense of its own significance. And in the class he is a charismatic leader. He has a very good sense of justice and injustice. Therefore, you should neither indulge him, nor, on the contrary, press too hard. He "works" for show: to subdue his riot and loud-spokenness can be lack of attention. He wants everyone to like, and his pride suffers, if it fails.

He usually studies successfully: it is easy for him to become the first in the class, although he is usually lazy and will not deal with something systematically. To him there is only one key — he is a fad to flattery. Sensible parents and educators usually soon understand this, and it is made with silk. His energy is better to be sent to classes in circles or to care for those who are younger than him. In the environment of other children, he should be well-dressed and not empty-handed, so that he does not feel defective.

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