Ascendant in Libra Baby

A sociable person whose first reaction to an unfamiliar situation is the establishment of contact. Even a tiny toddler will look into your eyes and smile. These children are charming and nice, they like to please and like. They are popular among peers, because they try to get along with everyone, settle conflicts, not quarreling and rivalry. They need to be taught to be more assertive and not be afraid of expressing negative emotions. A child with an Ascendant in Libra despises ugliness and either tries to cover up something unpleasant, or turns away.

He likes to surround himself with beautiful things and can collect items solely for the sake of their aesthetic value. He attaches great importance to external decency, courtesy, good manners and intellectual communication. The key word is charm. In an unfamiliar situation, a child with an Ascendant in Libra reacts with a dazzling smile and tries to get a response from others, showing courtesy, good manners.

Libra Rising Children

These children, ruled by graceful Venus, often appear very peaceful and soft and lovely. They are generally very well-liked because they are so sweet and thoughtful. They are ruled by their sense of harmony, justice and aesthetics and in a happy environment, seem to float through life as little peacemakers, trying to right every wrong and make the spaces around them look “just so.” But they are easily disturbed by injustice or dischord, and if their environment is in any way chaotic, they will be very argumentative and oppositional and obstinate.

They will seem genuinely offended by the offense of a “lived-in” looking house while at the same time feeling perhaps too relaxed to keep their own room picked-up and neat! They can be best guided by appealing to their sense of justice and harmony. Their grumpy moods can be softened by creating an environment with soft sounds and good smells. Because they tend to have a very relaxed pace of living, they benefit from a parenting style that includes a lot of gentle but firm cheerleading and peppy energy.

You probably have a beautiful, at any rate a very nice child, who always collects a rich harvest of compliments. It must be ensured that he does not become conceited and does not demand special treatment for himself. To achieve anything from him is possible only by tenderness — violence will inflict on him, and you will only be harmed.

At school, he usually likes humanitarian subjects. The nature of your child is light, elusive, changeable. He must be pushed, encouraged to work, because he is impatient and easily distracted. He needs to inspire confidence in his abilities, encouraging his interest in drawing and music, as well as group children’s games. To restore strength and peace of mind, this child is better to go to a disco, to the theater, just to walk, than to go in for sports or cleaning in the room. He does not like to be lonely and feels lost when he must rely only on himself. Do not criticize his friends or find out who he loves more: dad or mom.

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