Ascendant in Pisces Child

A child with an ascendant in Pisces is a deeply sensitive person whose first reaction to an unfamiliar situation is reliance on inner sensations. Fish swim with the flow of inner sensations, almost instantly imbued with the feelings of others. A child with an ascendant in Pisces is a real psychic sponge, and immediately absorbs a negative mood in a tense situation. Like a chameleon, he tunes himself to the outflow from the surrounding fluids and then can no longer distinguish his experiences from others.

This child needs to be protected from negative situations, otherwise because of someone else’s mental poison, he may develop psychosomatic disorders. Children with an ascendant in Pisces need a secret place — if not a room, then at least a secluded corner where they can hide from the world and dream. In any environment, it instantly becomes a part of it. The key word is receptivity. In an unfamiliar situation, a person with an ascendant in Pisces reacts sensitively, he is receptive to the feelings of others and reflects their mood, showing empathy, sensitivity, creative abilities.

Pisces Rising Children

There is something ethereal about these gentle children who seem not-quite-of-this world. Ruled by dreamy Neptune, they tend to be soft-spoken and retiring and strangely enchanting. They often have moments of generosity and selflessness that will melt your heart. They are drawn to mystic and mysterious things and do best when grounded by nature and numbers and routines. Their tendency is to just kind of float along through life, being sweet and caring but not necessarily “all there”.

They will just tune-out if you try to pin them down, though, so don’t push. They don’t like definite plans and prefer to keep their options open. Help them feel secure with a dependable daily routine but when it comes to the future, just encourage them to dream. They benefit from learning firm boundaries for asserting themselves so that they don’t escape into self-destructive activities. However, their imagination and daydreaming should be encouraged, as it is their way of finding their direction in life.

Education received in childhood plays an extremely important role for such a child. Docile, dreamy, he relies on adults in everything, giving everything to solve them. Handle it patiently, intelligently, without excesses — otherwise the complex of the martyr can easily develop. He is also inclined to vagueness, uncertainty, and therefore it is useful to bring up in him a sense of logic and the ability to focus.

It makes sense to monitor your child’s environment, explaining to him what is good and what’s bad. He will appreciate very much if you sympathize with his moods. Do not force him to do something when he is not in the right condition for that. It is important to develop the regularity of his habits. It is necessary to encourage and stimulate all intellectual pursuits and attraction to beauty. Do not interfere with faith, even if it is of a non-standard nature. The main thing is to develop his confidence in their abilities and that almost everything in life he can do himself. A child with ascending Pisces can have a natural sign on his face or on his arm. It is possible that he usually freezes his hands and feet, because the metabolism in the body can be disturbed.

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