Ascendant in Sagittarius Baby

Expansive person, whose first reaction to an unfamiliar situation is joy. A child with an ascendant in Sagittarius is happy and sunny, always tuned for the best. An open and sociable kid will always be honest and sincere, frankly, without any reservation expressing his opinion. Of course, this child needs to explain that other people can be more sensitive and that the rude truth is not always appropriate, but there is some special feature in its immediacy, especially since the child with the ascendant in Sagittarius does not want to offend anyone.

Freedom of thought, speech and action is of particular importance to a person with an ascendant in Sagittarius, and at the slightest restriction he experiences discomfort and anxiety. Most of all, he is attracted to outdoor activity. He is a cheerful, brave and cheerful person, distinguished by friendliness and sense of humor. Open and gullible by nature, this child is always set for the best. The key word is sociability. In an unfamiliar situation, a person with an ascendant in Sagittarius reacts with humor, with laughter, interest, demonstrating vitality, playfulness, intelligence.

Sagittarius Rising Children

These children, ruled by fun and magnanimous Jupiter, are the most playful and silly and may enjoy playing the clown. They loves jokes, gags and tricks, so watch out! These children may tend to come across as rude or uncoordinated at times due to their higher priorities of adventure and gaiety. They are also outspoken and opinionated and usually don’t mind telling you exactly what they think. They do prioritize learning though, if you can get them to stop and listen for a minute, and are often eager to pursue dreams of higher education, travel and general adventure.

To secure their cooperation, inspire them with a sense of adventure. They can also be encouraged with an appeal to their strong sense of integrity. It is very important to Sagittarius Risings to “do the right thing”. The wise parents will help them understand the need to trust other’s to know what is right for them, and not be judgmental– and to stop and listen sometimes. Read to them frequently and have lots of conversations about philosophy and the world at large.

Your child is probably very lively, laughable and, perhaps, too impulsive. Causes the surrounding people to have a positive image of themselves with their enthusiasm and sincerity. He loves freedom, space and live games. Suppress his initiative can not: he will either be completely unmanageable, or learn to pretend. With him you need to behave in many ways on an equal footing, so that mutual understanding grows between you.

It should be encouraged his romanticism. With him it is good to go on hikes and distant travel: the road does not tire him, but he himself feels the need to change places. Surrounding life carries him more than the school. To teach him better, explaining the whole picture, and only then turning to particulars. He has the ability to absorb information like a sponge. But we need to teach him to learn and pay more attention to how he could apply his knowledge in practice. It is necessary to develop his interest in other cultures and foreign languages.

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