Ascendant in Scorpio Baby

Deeply experienced person, whose first reaction to an unfamiliar situation is thoughtfulness. Even a tiny toddler has a piercing look and seems like a wise little old man. Quiet and withdrawn, the child with an ascendant in Scorpio internally experiences strong feelings, but talks little about them. He is afraid of misunderstanding, so you need to create a supportive environment and help him share his experiences. A child with an ascendant in Scorpio is not hot-tempered, but will, if necessary, fight fiercely.

Strong-willed and resolute, he never gives up and does not concede. Often a childhood trauma occurs. A man with an ascendant in Scorpio is distinguished by uncompromising, recklessness, impetuosity, which makes him completely surrender to his emotions, without hesitation to rush into the pool with his head. He deeply feels the experiences of others, this is a born psychologist who knows how to penetrate the very essence of man. The keyword is intensity. In an unfamiliar situation, a person with an ascendant in Scorpio reacts with visual contact, controlling interaction and demonstrating mystery, charm and sensitivity.

Scorpio Rising Children

These are the most strong-willed children of the zodiac. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of destruction and rebirth, they can grow up to become great agents of change in society if they learn to be at peace with their own powerful energy. You will rarely worry about them “getting theirs” in life. Instead you find yourself worrying about the people who may fall in their path. Don’t worry too much– you still have time to soften the Scorpio Rising child’s ways. They tend to be territorial and possessive but they are confident and assertive. They actually enjoy engaging in power struggles and they tend to win them, too– even (or especially) with their parents.

They benefit greatly from learning healthy boundaries in a kind and gentle way, by having their parents and caregivers model cooperatively solving problems so that everyone can be happy. This is key. These children are charismatic and charming, even as babies. They are unusually emotionally savvy for their age and good at reading people– you would do well to trust their instincts. Deep down under their strong and sometimes domineering exterior is a fear that there won’t be enough for them. A strong and constant assurance of unconditional love helps them learn to relax a little. They are usually soothed by gentle physical touches like hugs, cuddles, massages and playing with their hair.

The surrounding people seems your child as incomprehensible, mysterious. All his desires, troubles and resentments are stored in himself. In a conversation he often contradicts himself. But you should not consider him worse than he is: he does not have the ability or character. He seems to draw strength from some hidden source and always achieves the successful completion of his plans. It reinforces its actions with emotional intensity. But what he does not want, he will not do.

You need to teach him to play with other children and share with them their toys. Threats and punishments increase his stiffness and can lead to undesirable consequences (for example, there will be a tendency to torment animals, or lose respect for the parent). It is difficult for him to be objective, he feels an acute pity for himself and is inclined to self-justification and to condemn the external world. It should be encouraged to be sincere and communicate with him more. It is better to take it with you everywhere than to provide it to yourself.

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