Ascendant in Taurus Baby

A quiet and calm kid, whose first reaction to an unfamiliar situation is waiting. A child with an ascendant in Taurus peacefully and serenely awaits attention, but does not like too fast moving in space, he needs time to digest new impressions. He will move and act thought out, but trying to put pressure on him will show obstinacy. It is better not to rush it. Soft persuasions can work miracles. Balanced and self-assured, a child with an ascendant in Taurus rarely gets upset and tries to calm the more sensitive and sensitive.

Good-natured and friendly, charming and loving, he can hide his painful experiences, so parents should pay special attention to his lunar needs as a source of possible problems. This restrained child with an ascendant in Taurus does not like being pressured or driven. The key word is slowness. In an unfamiliar situation, a child with an ascendant in Taurus reacts with friendliness and sympathy, but waits for the reaction of others, demonstrating sensuality, thoroughness, everyday wisdom.

Taurus Rising Children

These children are ruled by the planet Venus. They do not like to be rushed. They are not fond of change. They like time to adjust to new ideas and routines slowly. They are often musical and artistic in a quiet, methodical way. They are not flashy or dramatic, but they can be very stubborn and tend to dig their heels in when pushed. On the flipside of this, these kids really stick with things more than most.

They are generally willing to put the work in to achieve their goals. The key to engaging their cooperation is respecting their need to secure one position before moving on the the next. Transitional objects and rituals are very helpful. These children tend to be loyal and reliable and often make good babysitters. They benefit from the security of feeling a sense of “having enough” in their lives, which helps them feel relaxed.

Your child’s eyes are clear, calm. Movements are sluggish, graceful-lazy, but they feel hidden power. Your child should not be rushed: there will be no quick results in studies, but if he does, he will do it better than everyone else. His interests, as a rule, are uncertain, and as a profession, he can then choose an object to which he was indifferent at school. One should appreciate his unexpected wise observations and encourage independent studies, he very much likes praise.

Usually quiet, does not like to fight, does not participate in landfills, why comrades consider him imaginary. And he just loves peace and reacts only to what seems to him important. Does not interfere in other people’s affairs, but likes to be not disturbed. If possible, you need to give him as many toys as possible, best of all those that he can do on his own for a long time (for example, designers). For him, color plays an important role (things, objects, clothes). It is sensitive to smells. Often — a sign on the neck or on the shoulders (birthmark).

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