Ascendant in Virgo Baby

A pragmatic person whose first reaction to an unfamiliar situation is to analyze. Organized, neat and sane, he can pay too much attention to irrelevant details. Babies with an ascendant in Virgo like to be clean and tidy, later there is a demand for food and the environment. Shy and shy, the child with an ascendant in Virgo is polite and always ready to help, but is too critical of himself and others. He needs to teach tact. Possessing an acute mind, he wants to see the meaning and purpose in any activity, even the game.

This child is pedantic and striving for excellence in everything, so you should teach him to relax and be less demanding of himself. The child receives the greatest moral satisfaction with an ascendant in Virgo when he is engaged in some useful work. The key word is modesty. On a new situation, he reacts with restraint, distrustful, analytical, demonstrating discretion, seriousness, practicality.

Virgo Rising Children

These gentle children are polite and soft-spoken and are the most helpful of all. They may be timid and prone to worries and low self-image. They spend a lot of time analyzing things and trying to figure out how they work or how they could work better. They are worriers: very concerned about the welfare of others and for themselves, may worry more than other children about “fitting in”. They feel any little criticisms more keenly than other children do, as they tend to be perfectionists. They benefit from feeling connected to nature, which helps ground them.

Be sure to support their all-around health rather than demand a certain standard of behavior, because focusing on their behavior only enforces their tendency to perfectionism. These children, who may be frequent hand-washers, benefit from learning to feel at peace with all elements of nature, including “germs”. They are able to relax when they feel unconditionally loved and accepted. They tend to be drawn to dreamy romantic or mysterious games and stories.

Your child is rather reserved, even timid. He has an observant and critical mind. He will be happy to help parents in all matters that require meticulousness and careful attention to detail. Perfection — his goal and concern for small things in this regard is not a defect of his personality.

It should be praised for his diligence and accuracy and not too critical, if he can not be a round honors student. It is difficult for him to synthesize, he sometimes understands everything too literally. It is useful to draw his attention to appearance and attractiveness, to do exercises with him, to induce him to make himself a regime of the day and plan his time by the hour, complete the lessons by the time set and switch to rest.

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