Cancer Rising Sign

Cancer Rising is a gentle soul. They feel like someone you have known a long time… they are familiar.They are sensitive to their surroundings, and get flustered easily, especially in crowds. When they feel threatened, their first instinct is to protect themselves. They are usually shy in new situations or when meeting new people. They will approach these situations with caution, and gradually allow themselves to warm up to the situation as they get a bit more comfortable. They are caring and sweet. On the opposite side, when a Cancer Ascendant has retreated so deeply into him or herself, they can be anything but sweet or approachable. They can appear moody, insecure or overly sensitive.

Cancer Rising wants structure in their life. Security is important to them and they are willing to give up some freedom to get it. They prefer a strong partner in life, along with emotional and financial stability. They like rules that are well-defined in their relationships so they always know where everyone stands. They are practical and matter-of-fact, and behave so even in marriage. They can create an amazing sanctuary at home for their family.

Cancer Ascendant doesn’t do well with casual relationships emotions are always tied closely with intimacy. This Sign wants to satisfy their personal goals and ambitions, but may appear very vulnerable, so some may have difficulty determining whether Cancer Rising is strong enough to do the job. They may, on the other hand, be able to hide their vulnerability behind a façade of forcefulness.

Cancer Rising is imaginative and sentimental. They are a sympathetic listener and they enjoy a good conversation. This Ascendant relates strongly to the home. They are very sensitive to criticism, and love history. They may have an interest in genealogy. Comfort is important to them and they like to collect things.

Cancer Ascendant is a natural nurturer. They also enjoy being taken care of by others. They are easy to relax with. They are open to influence by others. They may choose to do something for social status rather than because it suits them. They may have skills or talents in architecture or in the kitchen. They like to help others improve themselves, not because they think you need improvement, but because they want you to be happy.

They like to keep everything in its place, though luxurious items are not important to them. Cancer Rising prefers to save their money to spending it on unnecessary items. Don’t ever attack something they feel emotional about, however you will find out just how strong this ascendant really is.

When Cancer Rising gets upset, they have a tendency toward indigestion. They are creative, but may be insecure. When they finally feel secure, you will see their personality bloom as they let themselves get comfortable. They do best in the world when they have a secure home base to retreat to every night. This gives them a place to rejuvenate and prepare for their next foray into the world.

Ascendant in Cancer Man

The Ascendant in Cancer in men gives them features that are not entirely characteristic of men — softness, sensitivity and even sentimentality. This already makes them vulnerable enough. They are sometimes too dependent on the mother’s figure and in a woman they are looking for a mom rather than a mistress. A strong connection with the beloved mother they have for life, and their spouses have to put up with it. Let’s be honest, this is not the most courageous type of man, even if he has Mars in a fiery Aries — a rising Cancer too much smoothes the expressed masculinity and determination. Such a man often lacks this decisiveness and responsibility for his actions.

Ascendant in Cancer Woman

Ascendant in Cancer in women — it’s just a sea of emotions and increased tear. In the eyes of this woman — an ocean in which you can drown. Her great heart contains love for all beings. Quite often women with such Ascendant have an increased maternal instinct, not only to their own children, but also to strangers. They are wonderful housewives and keepers of the hearth.

Ascendant in Cancer Child

A child with an ascendant in Cancer demonstrates secrecy and loves secrets. He wondered how different devices work or why certain things happen. Close contact with the mother is necessary. Very touchy and easily to hurt deeply. You need to establish a trusting relationship with him, so that he will tell you everything and not shut up in himself. He loves fairy tales, magic stories and poems.

Spiritual Interpretation of Cancer Rising

Cancer is the first of the water signs. On the material level it reflects the group energy of humanity, so you are able to both feel the energies of other people and experience the flow of energy within yourself. It is this capacity to feel that gives rise to the nurturing side of this sign. The sign Cancer reminds us of water flowing downhill. It is the relentless quality of the flow that you resonate with. Even when you feel stuck in situations, you can identify the "flow" that continues among the individuals involved and around the objects in your environment.

Much of your feeling experience occurs on the soul level. If you see auras, you may see all the way to the soul level of the person. This can be both informative and frightening, as you may not wish to relate that closely with everyone. If you don’t actually see auras, you certainly feel the energy of other people and need to have inner clarity so that you can interpret those signals correctly. Therefore it is important for you to have a spiritual practice that is designed to cultivate clarity of mind.

Movement is a key principle in your life. How you begin the digestive process, for example, determines what you are able to assimilate from your food. The movement of fluids through your body is a familiar and comfortable barometer of your moods. Good spiritual practice may focus on movement as well. Walking meditation may be helpful for you. If you feel stuck, strenuous exercise may help to shake loose whatever is bothering you. Then you can return to a more meditative pace of movement. Follow movement with sitting for a few minutes to experience the inner calm that has been strengthened.

As you experience your spiritual being, you come to understand the two sides of the sign of Cancer. One side has to do with self-preservation and includes the nurturing you receive and the care you give to others. It includes the impulse to incarnate in the first place. The other side relates to immortality.

Your creative energies are freed as you gain understanding of this aspect of life. By understanding the desire to incarnate, along with the truth of your immortal being, you perceive the flow of the evolutionary process across physical lifetimes. The mystery here is the link between the Mother of Form (the Moon) and the Father of the Waters (Neptune). On the physical plane form is not necessarily rigid, and movement is not necessarily unrestricted. The two aspects are intertwined in all living things. On the spiritual plane, form may seem less significant or less solid, but the principle of form continues to be active until Unity is achieved.

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