Libra Rising Sign

Libra Rising is pleasant and nice to be around… charisma is their middle name. They attract people to them easily. With their charming demeanor and gentle take on life, you’d think their relationships would be smooth sailing. This isn’t always the case. Many times, Libra Ascendant will have many problems in their personal relationships. Despite this, they don’t like to be alone.

They really don’t know what to do with themselves if their partner isn’t with them. They often will do anything to preserve a relationship, because not only do they not want to be alone, they don’t like conflict. At the same time, in times of crisis, Libra Rising will meet the challenge and then some.

Libra Ascendant usually looks good. They know the best way to walk, dress their hair, and what colors suit them best. They like physical comfort, personal luxuries and anything that is pleasing to the senses. This ascendant can be very persuasive, preferring to use a "soft sell" when they want to influence others rather than a heavy hand. They have a tendency to pass blame when they can so they can keep up the image of being nice. They make wonderful mediators and are very accommodating.

Libra Rising is attracted to those who are competent and active. They may argue a lot or compete with their partners until they learn it is okay to just be themselves. They can appear learned, even if they are not. Libra Ascendant is usually a fan of art, music and literature. They may have their own creative and artistic talents as well that reach beyond their appearance. Even though they are friendly, they may appear emotionally detached and shallow. If they sense an imbalance around them, they can get upset, demanding and even bossy until they feel all is in balance again.

Libra Ascendant is usually polite. Some may see them as insincere, but that isn’t necessarily true. They feel most comfortable when they can grease the wheels to balance and harmony. Libra Rising is romantic and gracious. It is difficult to say no to this ascendant.

On the negative side, Libra Ascendant can be antisocial, rude or shy. They may be vain and obsessed with remaining young no matter the cost. They may be terribly indecisive. They may be stronger than you think. They may come across as soft, but behind that silky exterior is a will of iron. They are good at getting their own way through diplomacy.

Libra Rising is a social butterfly, and they have many friends and acquaintances. For all this, they can’t help but see themselves through the eyes of others. This causes them undue amounts of worry that they don’t come across at their best at all times. At the same time, Libra Rising has an amazing ability to reflect others back at themselves. They have a tendency to try to be all things to all people, which can make some people wonder if they have an opinion to call their own.

Ascendant in Libra Man

A man with an Ascendant in Libra will not build a macho and be aggressive. Such a man does not scratch his fists in any conflict situation, moreover, in such a situation he will try to settle the conflict peacefully, which is not liked by everyone and not always. In the worst case, a man with such an Ascendant is loyal to such a state that he can be called spineless and spineless. Also, the Ascendant in Libra gives a man an attractive appearance for women. They like to take care of themselves, they are usually dressed carefully and tastefully.

Ascendant in Libra Woman

A woman with an Ascendant in Libra often plays the part of a paw and a darling, a secular lioness, aspires to be friends and communicate with people of her circle and feels a good deal of subordination. She is usually very attractive externally, spends a lot of time in front of the mirror and in beauty parlors. For her, external beauty is a priority. Even unpleasant news or taunts, she will try to present as gently and "beautifully" as possible. In everything, she seeks a compromise and will rather adjust herself to someone, than she will go to open conflict and confrontation.

Ascendant in Libra Child

A child with an Ascendant in Libra can be distinguished by charm, grace and attention to others, and also loves beauty in everything. Both boys and girls are inclined to create a personal image at a very young age. They will appreciate any opportunity to take part in choosing a wardrobe or in selecting flowers. Every effort is made to please, sometimes inappropriately. He must be pushed, encouraged to work, because he is impatient and easily distracted. He needs to inspire confidence in his abilities, encouraging his interest in drawing and music, as well as group children’s games.

Spiritual Interpretation of Libra Rising

In some ways your persona is the balance of an object at rest. Metaphysically you appreciate the space between activities, so your persona reflects that kind of calm. This contemplative expression indicates that you can achieve a balance between your physical life and your soul life. As you learn to work with duality in a conscious way, your persona becomes calmer and you are able to effect change in the world without stirring up the energy more than necessary.

The tendency to balance and calm is part of what makes you a welcome guest. You can be counted on to enrich conversation both by listening actively and participating with clear questions, ideas, and an occasional opinion. You cultivate harmony among the people around you, and thus make a strong team member who can be counted on to keep the goal in mind in the midst of discussion.

As your spiritual path unfolds, you find that your sexual and other material desires change. You are still a physical beings with needs and desires, but your motivations take on the quality of spiritual aspiration. Instead of engaging in sex for the sake of sex, you seek partners who share a spiritual affinity that allows you both to experience ecstasy through your relationship. Sometimes this even means engaging in activities that transcend the physical realm without using physical contact as the avenue of approach.

Sometimes we see an older couple hanging out together. They don’t seem to talk very much, but we can see that they are attuned to each other. They investigate whatever catches the eye, pointing out things to each other. They are calm, not rushing their activity but following its natural pace. The outer appearance reflects an inner spiritual attunement that is the hallmark of the Libra Ascendant.

Libra Ascendants are vulnerable to any excess that throws the physical body out of harmony. This can result in a variety of ailments involving the kidneys, bladder and sexual organs. You can enjoy life best by exercising s degree of moderation. In this way you demonstrate respect for yourself and your partner on the physical and spiritual level.

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