Ascendant in Aquarius Man

A man with an ascendant in Aquarius is a witty, cheerful, talkative and active person. By nature, this is a diplomatic, tactful and courteous personality. Since childhood, he is fond of reading, constructors and complex techniques. It attracts all new and interesting. At school, he prefers only those subjects that he likes. Do not seek to learn only for the sake of marks. The main thing for him is the process of comprehension of this or that science, and not the result itself. At a young age, he tries to try everything: from extreme sports to occult studies. A man with a rising Aquarius is a reliable companion. For this, people around him appreciate it. He is quite demanding in friendship. He does not like deception and flattery. Aquarius rising man does not tolerate disagreements and misunderstandings from close people.

He often argues, desperately trying to prove the consistency of his point of view. It gets upset if his loved ones disagree with him and do not support his ideas. The impression of such a man, oddly enough, people have different. Some consider him the soul of the company, an open and cheerful person. Others find him closed and lonely. At work, this man immediately demonstrates leadership qualities. He is appreciated and respected for his ability to calmly resolve difficult situations, justice and responsiveness. In a leadership position for the organization of the effective work of the whole team, he uses only adequate and peaceful methods. Subordinates love and respect him.

A man with a rising Aquarius is in no hurry to bind himself by marriage, since he values personal freedom and independence. Often, he is afraid of the idea of marriage, because he does not want to take responsibility for the lives of others. If a woman still manages to get him out, his lifestyle does not change much. He still gives himself to work and his hobbies. His chosen one must become, first of all, his faithful friend and like-minded person. He needs support and understanding from his wife.

Aquarius Rising Man

If the ascendant is in Aquarius with a man, then his appearance is noticeable and attractive. He somehow immediately inspires confidence and attracts sincerity in conversation. To love this man is as anxious as a butterfly on a bush of a currant. She is so sweet, unprotected and can easily fly off. He is quite a careful and judicious man who runs from emotions and confessions, as from an all-consuming fire. Feelings are so difficult and incomprehensible that only two can understand them.

A man with an ascendant in Aquarius is a secretive and realistic type, which is impossible to surprise. Romanticism does not bother him much, but he approaches thoroughly to friendship with women. She will necessarily want to lay out her secrets to him, and also call at three o’clock in the morning, returning from the party. Of course, he also falls in love, but so deeply hides his feelings, that he sometimes forgets about them. This man is full of brilliant ideas and interesting thoughts, so it’s not boring with him. He constantly thinks of something, creates and implements. By the way, with a sense of humor, he’s all right, so he loves jokes, contests and surprises. He likes a creative, impulsive and freedom-loving woman. If you can chat with them fun, have fun and like a friend in a hammock, then it’s great.

If the Ascendant is in Aquarius with a man, he is terribly afraid of sentimentality, playfulness and passion, but he is attracted to women who are filled with these qualities, like a jug of milk. Formal egoists, obsessive careerists and unrestrained hysterics are not his profile. He reaches out to women civilized, educated and thinking. If a woman is principled and with a "king" in a nice head, then he will always find the time to make friends with her.

As a rule, this man attracts those women who are already morally ready for marriage. They are already full "full" with compliments and boring courtship, so they tend to settle at home and raise children. It attracts the attention of women who need only a strong and open friendship, and not a burning Caucasian temperament. After all, this man can support at the right time, express clever ideas and give an unforgettable night if he feels that it is not worth keeping a desire. A man with an ascendant in Aquarius is not devoid of sexuality and, like a magnet, attracts women who want to get spiritual kinship in bed, and not just physical pleasure.

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