Ascendant in Aries Man

A man with a rising Aries is a real hunter, warrior and conqueror. From a young age he looks more serious than his peers. He is fond of creativity, reading, computer games. He has a lot of hobbies, he is constantly in search of something new and interesting. He is straightforward, loves to tell the truth in the face. Open in communication, is an interesting interlocutor. In the society he is confident, creates the impression of a successful and positive person.

In the work he manifests himself as a responsible and reliable employee. The desire to achieve success in career and finances makes him a strong competitor in the team. He likes to compete, to prove his professionalism and experience. Often a man with an ascendant in Aries becomes a successful businessman. Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, he achieves great successes in his field. If he has his own business, he does not just manage it, but also constantly develops, striving to stand out against the competition.

Sometimes he makes mistakes because of his inability to plan activities in advance. However, he is able to quickly find a way out of any difficult situation. Life for him is a game in which he must win and get the main prize. In a relationship with a woman, a man-Aries shows himself as a conqueror. He is capable of gallant courtship, care and expensive gifts. He extols his woman and wants her to become his muse. It is very important and needs womenโ€™s support. Often, his chosen one becomes a motivator for achieving further goals and desires.

Aries Rising Man

To understand what the ascendant shows in Aries, a man can, if you become closer to his external features. A real daredevil and a figure who does not sit still for a second. An energetic and strong-willed man who knows what he needs to take from life and women. He inspires the actions of not only himself, but others, demanding attention and respect. He does not care who cares for the lady he likes, because all the same it will only be his. A powerful and to the limit self-assured man, who goes ahead to his goal. In love, he manifests himself as a brave and noble knight, so women admire him and adore him.

Passionate and assertive, if it comes to intimacy. But before falling in love with him, a woman needs to reincarnate into a cunning but wise fox. A man with an ascendant in Aries loves hunting, therefore, too easy prey is not for him. Enthusiast in life, who always has a lot of plans for the future. Especially if it is associated with his chosen one. He will not dissemble and remain silent if he wants to meet, or have sex with a woman. He is not shocked by the one who will give him a scene of jealousy, or in a rage he will break a couple of plates against the wall, proving his rightness. After all, he himself is quite a conflicting and at times aggressive partner.

If man have ascendant in Aries, then he likes girls who need to be sought. Even if his chosen one is not free, then for him it is not a barrier. Balanced, cold and silent beauties are of little interest to him. He is drawn to romantic, but temperamental girls who have their own style, principles and opinion. In love, he aspires to adventures and surprises, and in sex to unbridled passion and fantasy.

Although, the more realistic and determined woman, the more he wants to seduce her. He himself attracts sentimental and lovable people who like that they fight for them to the last drop of blood. These partners understand it, and are ready to support even during the ascent to Mount Everest. The main thing is that the relationship was without falsehood and betrayal. A man with an ascendant in Aries loves changes in life, so he perfectly fits with a woman who supports his desire to act and create. It can attract dreamy people, but only if they do not put their illusions in the forefront. A man with an ascendant in Aries can drive many people mad, because he is the one that girls in their youth read historical novels โ€” honest, open and desperate.

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