Ascendant in Cancer Man

The Ascendant in Cancer for man gives him features that are not entirely suitable for the stronger sex. Personality is inherent in softness, sensitivity and even sentimentality, which makes it vulnerable. The ideal is the mother, and in every woman Cancer looks for her image. A strong spiritual connection with his mother does not leave him throughout his life, and his wife has to accept this. To be honest, these men do not have masculinity, even if Mars is in the fiery Aries. Ascendant Cancer lacks determination. Often such people are not responsible for their actions

For a man with an ascendant in Cancer, career growth is not the main thing. He’s home, he needs a family. The Ascendant Cancer’s family is not always a wife, a child. Her "substitutes" can be friends, if the moon is in the 11th house. Such a man is emotional, especially when he talks about his problems, because Cancer is the personification of universal uneasiness.

This type of man is devoid of manliness and determination. Very often they are afraid to make serious decisions. However, this does not prevent them from building a family relationship. A man with an ascendant in Cancer keeps a warm relationship with his mother throughout his life. In a woman, he seeks a patroness, preferring to obey, not lead. Often they become caring fathers. The severance of relations, most often, occurs on the initiative of a partner.

Cancer Rising Man

Cancer Ascendant for man shows how he seems to people around him. Such a changeable and secretive man, you will not meet again. He is sensitive and vulnerable, which he carefully conceals under his firm shell. He wants to protect himself from adversity and disappointment, so many perceive him as an impregnable fortress. But with close acquaintance, he reveals himself completely different — deep, open and sentimental. An independent and strong spirit man who really values close relationships. His emotions, sometimes, go off scale, which makes him capricious and unbalanced.

To understand it is difficult, as well as to keep up with the flow of thoughts. Today he is reserved and silent, and in the morning already, like a whirlwind, rushes about business, something is coming up and going on a trip. If a woman can catch his mood and reconcile with inconstancy, then a wonderful tandem will turn out. A man with an ascendant in Cancer takes offense at every nonsense, but inside is an unusually gentle and sensitive man. Just do not need to bother him with questions about feelings — he still eludes the answer. Women like his devotion and compassion, which is akin to the fatherly. But, it is difficult to solve it, because he is sensitive to everything related to life, work and love. He perfectly feels people, therefore, if he makes mistakes in someone, then he immediately retires.

His love is always sincere and strong, if the ascendant in Cancer is with a man. Although, in relationships often chooses for himself the role of the victim, which torments and exhausts him more than it seems outwardly. He pays attention to women who are wealthy, determined and serious. If in the family he has to cook, clean and bring up children, he will calmly lay it on his man’s shoulders.

A woman feeds a family, and he maintains order in the house. But, over time, he thoroughly bored, because he is a creative person, who also wants to be realized. This man will begin to search for his romantic head of adventure and easy connections. Although, internally, he is most often collected and cautious to rush into recklessness and debauchery. A man with an ascendant in Cancer likes women who dream of finding more son, not husband. They are attentive, gentle and powerful persons. By the way, with such a woman he can get an excellent and long union. In sex, too, complete harmony and mutual understanding, but sometimes the intimate connection is more like a battle than the tender purring of a cat.

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