Ascendant in Capricorn Man

The Capricorn Man is a confident and determined person. His seriousness and stubbornness are already manifested at a small age. By nature, usually calm and balanced, but very demanding. Until he gets his own, he will not rest. At school, he is fond of science, and he is more attracted to technical subjects — mathematics, geometry and physics. After school, he chooses a prestigious profession. A fanatical desire for success is the hallmark of these men of this constellation.

At work, a man with a rising Capricorn is a leader. He is often considered the most competent worker in the organization. He quickly accumulates experience and quickly walks the career ladder. However, achieving one goal, he finds a new, higher and unreachable. He likes the process, not the result itself. The owner of the ascendant in the ascending Capricorn is a purposeful and strong-willed person. His whole conscious life is subordinated to a clear plan, he knows what and when he will achieve, he will create a family, etc.

Relations with women in Capricorn are always smooth and without any special emotional outbursts. He is very jealous, sometimes this character trait turns him into a jealous maniac. In marriage, does not tolerate adultery and does not forgive betrayal. Quite cold in communication with his second half, often does not show his true feelings, until he is convinced of reciprocity. Women love in him his confidence, determination, the desire to go to the end, business qualities. But many are repelled by his inability to enjoy life, the lack of desire for change and conservatism.

Capricorn Rising Man

Ascendant in Capricorn for man horoscope shows that he is a strict, conservative and profound type. It’s hard to get out of the way, which he himself charted. This is the man who in clothes prefers classical and restrained style, but in life adheres to clearly established rules. He is a realist, not without ambition and ambitiousness. It is difficult to penetrate with romance, because his views on the relationship with a woman are based on personal principles. His chosen one should be responsible, sensible and collected even in small things. After all, he himself is such a character — well-bred and respectable.

This man is never late, and also has specific goals, both in work and in love. His humor is not understandable to everyone, and the external image sometimes causes mixed feelings. A woman should not only like him, but also match his business style. A man with an ascendant in Capricorn may seem cold and calculating, but it is not. Inside, this man is a vulnerable and gentle person who is committed to a lasting and sincere relationship with a woman. Everything sensual and tender is not alien to him, but trust and stability for him are much more important than sentiments. Many women consider him to be an insidious type, with which one must be careful. But, in most cases, he is reliable and honest with the one that he genuinely likes.

If the ascendant in Capricorn is a man, then he refers to intimate closeness with respect. He is not caught in debauchery and lightheadedness. He is not indifferent to women successful, independent and ambitious. They feel the desire to find firm ground underfoot, as well as the desire for marriage. Dangerous connections, like an unrestrained passion, worry him. He is a faithful and convinced man who is ready for a strong alliance with the one who looks along with him in one direction.

Emotional, feminine and slightly naive people cause in him trembling feelings. He wants to protect them, embrace and drown in their immense care and affection. A man with an ascendant in Capricorn wants to be needed day and night, and also felt almost paternal care. The main thing is that he immediately tunes in to his wave and does not doubt his devotion and sensitivity. Appearance is deceptive, therefore, in his steel gaze and unsmiling expression, one can guess the genuine warmth and soulfulness that half of the women dream about. He will not keep the defense if he feels himself completely safe from betrayals, disappointments and criticism in his address.

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