Ascendant in Gemini Man

A man with an ascendant in Gemini from a young age shows himself as an inquisitive nature. He wants to know everything at once. Often gets into trouble because of his curiosity and desire to stick his nose into other people’s affairs. At school, he often studies perfectly, but most of all he gravitates towards creativity and art. Among peers is the main leader and leader. Often falls into questionable groupings and companies.

The Ascendant in Gemini endows the man with a desire for victory and success. However, in the pursuit of material goods and fame, he is often confused in his desires. Carried away by several hobbies, he can not choose what he really likes. In the work his leadership qualities and aspiration to primacy are shown. It can easily "sit up" a slow-moving colleague or make a pod to the one who interferes with his career path.

Care in dealing with women. He has many fans, but his choice does not choose to choose. He likes the attention of the female, he likes to flirt and start short novels. Being married faces a problem of misunderstanding by the second half. Not all women are able to accept his desire for freedom.

Gemini Rising Man

The Ascendant in Gemini for man shows that he makes the impression of an experienced and attractive seducer. He is a sociable, artistic man with a sense of humor, who seeks to get what he wants. He enjoys the very fact of seduction, and not leadership in the relationship. Women often do not trust him, believing that he leads a treacherous and dishonest game with them. Although, outwardly this man is not only handsome, like God, but also smart enough. He is moderately emotional, full of ideas and always knows what is expected of him and want to hear from him.

A man with an ascendant in Gemini is curious to the point of horror, so he is able to fetch from the lady any information about former lovers, or about having a bank account. Sincerity and sincerity he manifests only in the event that he is convinced of his feelings. It can easily be described in one word — impudent. Rough, but fair. He is fussy, changeable and insanely romantic, if the situation demands it. Often he hides feelings not only from the partner, but he himself is afraid of love. Next to him he wants to see the one who, even in moments of silence, will understand him and will not ask anything.

He does not tolerate arguments about love and never makes promises, if the Ascendant in Gemini is a man. Tearful sentiment — not for him, so it does not touch the female hysterics, complaints and anxiety. He is more attracted to a non-binding conversation with a charming blonde on the Black Sea coast. A woman will never guess what he really is. He can laugh and joke, but, in fact, in his thoughts is developing a plan for processing raw materials in China. He treats sex as easily and at ease. As they say, they "slept and fled". He likes women passionate about their business, secured and balanced.

With them, it should be good and simple to easily go together on the road-road, or not get out of bed from morning till morning. Cheerful and energetic people who came from abroad to visit their aunt, will charm him more quickly than modest and silent home-stayers. A man with an ascendant in Gemini adores, like him, inconstant and ubiquitous women, although he likes to have fun with romantic and lovely girls. On this man pay attention to rational and cold-blooded women who do not give vent to feelings. They can not be caught in recklessness, because they know what they are saying and doing. But the most important thing is that they are not at all embarrassed by his eccentricity and whims.

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