Ascendant in Leo Man

Representatives of the Leo ascending are innate aristocrats, the embodiment of charisma and charisma. They are possessors of a soft and kind heart, they are familiar with compassion and generosity. A man with an associate in Leo is a proud, fair and open nature. The ascending Leo is waiting for praise, admiring the eye in his direction. This nature is graceful, brilliant and shocking. Loves to attend social events and arrange luxurious receptions.

For many people around him, with an associate, Leo is a self-satisfied person, selfish and arrogant. Discussion of his persona, fame and public attention, like air for the ego of Leo. Such men are attracted to a comfortable life and luxurious things, they rarely stop saving and rationalizing. Ascendant in the Leo sign is manifested in self-love, injustice towards him, someone’s lies can lead a man out of balance. In anger, it is dangerous and aggressive, uses all the levers of pressure to get out of the situation by the winner.

Ascendant in Leo for man causes a need to be in the center of attention. If his appearance does not allow to enchant everyone around him, he will use his oratorical abilities and connections to be noticed. In a relationship, he needs a woman who will be less bright personality. It should be calm and inconspicuous. Under no circumstances will he allow his partner to eclipse him. The Leo, as a rule, has an excellent taste and expects from his chosen one the same. He likes to pretend that money is not a problem, that he has a lot of them, but that’s usually not the case.

Leo Rising Man

His external image is easy to disclose, if you find out what the Ascendant shows in Leo from a man. The king, sitting on a high throne, and collecting in his honor a standing ovation and admiration — this way you can briefly, but precisely, characterize this man. Power-hungry, proud and self-confident type, which makes an unforgettable impression on women. Braggart, not devoid of vanity and ambition, which needs society and universal recognition.

It has a lot of selfishness and superiority, which is felt in the gait, posture and low baritone. For him there are no rivals, because he firmly believes in his irresistibility and attractive appearance. Passionate and open, when it comes to love and intimacy. His temperament is felt with the naked eye, but he is not going to hide it, but with dignity demonstrates wherever he appears. A woman should not be hypocritical with him and play, because a man with an ascendant in Leo will still "see through" all her techniques and achieve an arrangement. It is difficult for him to forbid something, although he himself is able to limit the freedom of women and point out its place under the Sun.

If the ascendant in Leo is a man, then he is demanding, but faithful in the relationship. The main thing is that the chosen one does not take it into his head to deceive, alter it for himself or betray him. This he certainly will not tolerate. His inner strength is felt instantly, and generosity knows no bounds. At times, he is cocky, like a boy, and sometimes serious and concrete, like a mature man. King of Fire, or one who fires a fire of passion and unquenchable desires. His woman should always look and behave impeccably, because next to not just a companion, but a man of noble blood. This man captivates women bright, luxurious and extraordinary.

Her style, image and prestige should not stand out against his background, but only emphasize it. A man with an ascendant in Leo is attracted to women who are wealthy, refined and independent, with whom there is something to talk about. With such a chic and secular lady, not ashamed to appear in public. But she must remember and not dispute that he is still smarter, more successful and even more beautiful. He attracts women who want love, not fleeting flirting. They look at this man with delight and dream of seeing themselves in the role of his Queen. Romantic, experienced, but wise enough women will be happy, create a strong relationship with him. Only if his huge portrait in a gold frame, will hang in all rooms.

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