Ascendant in Libra Man

Men who have an ascendant on the scales are often called spineless. This is due to the lack of desire to prove their superiority by physical forces. Such men are easier to retreat than to solve the problem by aggressive methods. Men of this type have an excellent sense of taste and attractive external data. This allows them to make an impression on the fairer sex. In love and marriage, such men seek honest and equal partnership and friendship.

This type of man has a well-developed sense of justice, but often they do not dare to manifest themselves. In work, they become good partners, despite their propensity for arrogance. In a society such men always oppose a person with an authoritative status. This is due to the desire to hide from others uncertainty in their abilities.

Most often men with an Ascendant in Libra manage to achieve the desired goals with their perseverance and hard work. They have an interest in political activities, but they do not want to revolve in this area. The most unfavorable place for the work of men with a Libra sign is the teaching activity. In this area they will have to perform a lot of unnecessary work that will not bring benefits, but will act exclusively at a loss.

Libra Rising Man

Ascendant in Libra, a man shows that he is a vain and attractive type, who knows the full price. And to myself, naturally. He is always clean-shaven, neat and fashionable, so like women of any age and status. Outwardly it seems superficial and cute, but, in fact, a smart enough, courteous and gallant man. He always picks up the right words for the one who looks with admiration at his stylish suit, or marked his intellect. For a couple of seconds he will seduce a woman, creating a romantic atmosphere around her, but after a week he will disappear and will not even call.

The fact is that he does not tolerate obligations and cherishes freedom. A man with an Ascendant in Libra is in constant search, dreaming about the ideal and burdensome connections. Too many emotions, tears and complaints are not for him. Although, inside, he always strives for a kind, sensual and strong relationship. But the choice should always remain for him. He is able to charm a woman with only a glance, a touch and a gentle whisper. He does not think flattery is bad. After all, women love with their ears, do not they?

If the man have Ascendant in Libra, then he is reasonable and diplomatic. This man can promise "golden mountains", and therefore he does not remember what he said. But, however, how she looked at him, how she admired and how she sincerely believed what she said to her. He skillfully hides his shortcomings, and exaggerates his virtues. His beauty captivates, and compliments pleasantly caress the ears. Partners trust him completely, not realizing that before them is hypocritical and, at times, tough in emotional terms, type. He likes ladies daring, narcissistic and persistent.

They have a lot to learn from — this time. Secondly, they are not bored with them and everything is known in advance, as if you were sitting by the stream and talking in the water with your feet. Passionate and demanding people also attract him, but with them one should be on the alert. Nice cats, with a sweet smile and gentleness in the eyes, he likes. But this is just a fad, based on sex and light chatter. Uncontrollable passion is not in his taste, so he is eschewing too energetic and temperamental persons. They, of course, are seductive people, but caution "runs" ahead of him. This man with the Ascendant in Libra is rational enough and attentive, therefore he gives preference to peace and romance, and not battles and battles for leadership.

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