Ascendant in Pisces Man

A man with an ascendant in Pisces often appears to the surrounding people as a frivolous and erratic person. Since childhood, he is not like other people. He is fascinated by everything mystical and magical. In his youth, he begins to actively engage in creativity, can join a youth subculture.

An adult man with ascending Pisces is a sincere, sociable and cheerful person. Despite this, loves loneliness, because it draws inspiration from him. He lives with emotions, feelings and desires. If he does not like something, then he throws it. He does not tolerate control from the surrounding people. It is a free creative nature, which for life seeks understanding, support, attention and recognition.

Women inspire him. Next to him wants to see not just a mistress and a good housewife, but also a friend who would support and give advice. His chosen one should share his interests and way of life. As a husband, he is a very sensitive and sympathetic person. He is not touchy, but he is jealous and demanding. He needs constant attention and admiration for his achievements.

Pisces Rising Man

The ascendant in Pisces by the man shows him as a dreamy and uncollected person. The energy in it is just as much as the desire to demonstrate it. He is a true poet in life, who tries to subordinate everything around to his illusions and fantasies. He likes to act as a savior of women who need care and attention. But, sometimes he is a victim, on whose shoulders all the burdens of life fall. A man with an ascendant in Pisces is a vulnerable and sensual man, whom many sees differently. Carefully hides his inner world from those who want to get into it in an insolent way.

He is secretive and intuitive, which makes him very attractive for curious women. A romantic man, able to impress the imagination of the one who herself is in the clouds and does not think herself without lyrics. In sex, he attracts what looks like an inexperienced young man. He is able to surprise with his temper even the most passionate and experienced women, but rarely tries to deliberately drag them to bed. He trusts his own heart and trembling in his knees, not flattering speeches and assertiveness.

He is romantic, sensitive and thoughtful, if the ascendant in Pisces is from a man. He is able to sympathize and understands women with a half-word, because it gives value to a sweet birthmark on her lip, or a tear slid down her cheek. If he wants to charm a woman, he is ready to change into a clown’s suit, or a nurse, so that she will be imbued with the depth of his feelings. But, after her heart is in his power, he will calm down and stop. This is the man who often falls into extremes. From it would have turned out an elusive ladder man, or a notorious bandit. Women who want to feel themselves in caring and tender embraces, look at him with admiration.

But, he often becomes a hostage of his own emotions and feelings. He likes strong and disobedient partners who will not demand something unreal, and do stupid things. If a wealthy, confident and intelligent person appears before him, he is already in love with her. Although, fidelity from this man should not wait. A man with an ascendant in Pisces adores all ladies, believing that they are an unearthly creature worthy of confession and worship. The more unapproachable and domineering a woman, the more he is drawn to her. He is quite amorous, but always sincere in a relationship, man. Enchant it is capable of anything — from the cute Cinderella to the cold-blooded Snow Queen.

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