Ascendant in Sagittarius Man

The ascendant of the man in Sagittarius strengthens his need for freedom and independence. Jupiter awarded this character with optimism, a love of life. He needs a constant change of impressions, he willingly takes part in new projects and adventures. Sometimes people around him consider him too impatient, because he wants to take everything from life! He is often accompanied by luck, so this man can not always understand the concerns of a less fortunate environment. People born with the Ascendant in Sagittarius are idealistic by nature. They will fight to the last for their freedom, at the same time they will not restrict the freedom of another person.

Ascendant in Sagittarius for a man — indicates a desire to realize the meaning of being. The surrounding people perceive them as sociable seekers, possibly inclined to adventures. There is some arrogance in circulation, but there is also a willingness to help. In life, they aspire to take a leading or leading position. Their principles and installations carry out militantly, but always in chivalry, which testifies to their human maturity.

A man with an ascending Sagittarius is haunted all his life by long roads and exotic countries, in which he dreams to visit. Many men with the Ascendant in Sagittarius as a profession choose activities related to long trips and other countries. The range of professions is wide — from a long-distance driver to an embassy employee. Usually such men manage to get a life with one family, and their former wives and children live in different places (cities). A man with a rising Sagittarius can not be called a true partner.

Sagittarius Rising Man

If in the horoscope of the man Ascendant in Sagittarius, then his external image often does not correspond to the internal state. He seems to everyone to be cheerful, fussy and "on the board" with his shirt-guy. He wants to know everything, as well as visit all places in the world and conquer outer space. Narcissistic and impetuous man who knows how to seduce women. Witty and sociable type, which, if in love, he decides to completely "redraw" his mind. But only if the woman is ready to share with him the delights of life. A passionate and shrewd man who loves to travel and gain knowledge.

But in the heart of a man with an ascendant in Sagittarius romantic and often comes up with the ideal image of his chosen one. The only thing that he can not stand is obligations. From them he runs, as scalded. Meetings, kisses, sex with the moon and roses as a gift — this is, please, but marriage a month after dating — this is too much. Although, maybe he is just afraid of responsibility, but secretly dreams about it. He likes women who like everything. The more successful, brighter and more seductive she is for other men, the more he wants to be with her. It seems that he is always collected on a long journey, as indicated even by his sports bag, with the things collected in case of travel.

Ascendant in Sagittarius in a man shows that he is an unexpected, positive and active person. His passionate nature is not immediately noticeable, but an experienced woman will immediately see all the strength and power of this merry fellow. He loves to have fun and often lives by dreams, not by reality. So it’s easier for him, because any fairy tale can be turned into reality if you start acting. He has a great sense of humor, which he conquers women at the first meeting. The main thing is not to torment him with questions and not to oppress morally. With him you need to be friends, laugh and rejoice in everything new, to become a true companion forever, and not for a while.

A man with an ascendant in Sagittarius adores women who do not veto his independent disposition, take care of him and do not urge him for every word. Educated, talkative and emotional people attract this man, because with them you can eat in bed, fool around in bed and go crazy from contemplating the Eiffel Tower. He likes everything that captures the spirit, and his dullness and routine make him anxious and drive him into depression. If the partner does not tell him how to live and change to his own character, he will go with her to the edge of the earth, holding his hand tight and securely.

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