Ascendant in Scorpio Man

A man with an ascendant in Scorpio is distinguished by determination and willpower. He lives by his own rules and is not interested in the opinion of the majority. He is an independent person who is distinguished by intelligence and courage. Scorpio rising man can achieve success in any business — he is not afraid of difficulties. Surrounding people may consider him too cruel and prefer not to get involved with him. He is straightforward, which often leads to conflicts with others. For a very long time he chooses the people who can enter his social circle. Usually by the age of 30 suitable candidates no longer remain.

A man with a rising sign in Scorpio is accustomed to living in prosperity and strives for luxury. He will not be satisfied with the small and will do everything to make his life comfortable. He is able to make important decisions, and is able to inspire anything, for the sake of achieving benefits. In him lives the spirit of the winner, who does not allow him to sit still, although outwardly he will be completely calm. It is important to him the support and opinion of close people. No matter how strong and cruel he did not seem, emotions are often broken inside him.

Despite his calmness and some seclusion, he will attract women. It emits sexuality, power and strength. For a long time, he is not attuned to a serious relationship and prefers to enjoy fleeting connections. Do everything to get your favorite woman. Very demanding on his partner. Few women can withstand the nature of such a man. He will not be afraid to talk openly about your shortcomings, and sometimes he can ridicule them. In his view next to him there must be an ideal woman who will possess beauty and intelligence.

Scorpio Rising Man

Ascendant in Scorpio man shows how his people see him — attractive, sexy and secretive. This man can be seen right away in a multifaceted crowd, because his mysterious and simultaneously attractive look pierces through. He is a passionate and insidious type who always says what he thinks. But his private life he hides from others, so as not to become vulnerable and not seem weak.

Although, he himself is able to learn any secret information in a matter of minutes. A man with an ascendant in Scorpio is a real winner, and meeting with him can bring both trouble and happiness. A powerful and intelligent man who does not forgive treason and will always avenge the offender. Women are alarmed by his appearance, because there is something fantastically tempting, which borders on the mystery. He will never open his feelings to a woman until he finally understands that she is defeated by his gaze, word and touch. A temperamental and self-assured man, whose magnetism is impossible to resist. He, as if hypnotizing his victim, not giving her the opportunity to hide and run away.

If the ascendant in Scorpio is a man, he is truthful and reserved in emotions. Any woman he leads to "clean water", and his true face will not show. Communicating with him, you feel that you have known him for a thousand years. He knows and understands everything that is hidden in the depths of the female soul. This man loves sex, erotic films and all that excites the imagination. His jealousy knows no bounds, so playing with him is like playing with fire. He is not indifferent to beautiful and impulsive women. Sensual and self-confident Ladies make him act, contrary to the laws of society and nature.

A man with an ascendant in Scorpio will by all means achieve one that fascinated him and tries to involve him in a dangerous game. Feminine, refined and talented persons captivate him and fascinate him. He wants to know her closer, to achieve and envelop the web of lust. He is subject to instincts, so he subconsciously feels which woman will become his companion. A wise, practical and independent woman is the heroine of his novel. He is handsome, sustained, like red wine and statues, so he will undoubtedly attract many women. He is attracted by greedy and experienced women, as well as romantic and inexperienced coquettes. She is necessary to have incredible patience to keep this real man next to her.

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