Ascendant in Taurus Man

A man with an ascendant in Taurus is characterized by masculinity, poise and sharp mind. In childhood — it’s curious kids who dream of conquering space or go to the archaeological search. From an early age, they are trying to earn money to help their parents and feel themselves an important member of the family. After school, choose practical professions. However, higher education is important for them. They can do both mental and physical work. All the youth and young years of men with a rising sign of Taurus passes in an effort to achieve material success. They really love expensive cars, branded clothes and other elements of luxurious life.

Such men are interesting interlocutors. They can always support the conversation, even if they do not fully understand the topic under discussion. They do not have many friends, however, a few people are really close to them. Often men with an ascendant in Taurus open their business. They are not afraid of responsibility, and all the risks they can provide. If they do not gravitate to entrepreneurship, they tend to occupy a leading position in their work. Their duties are carried out responsibly and to the decision of any task are approached with all seriousness.

In relations with the female, such a man manifests himself as a true knight. With him, safely and calmly. He loves children, spoils his wife and appreciates home comfort and comfort. For the well-being of his family, he is ready for anything. In love and sex is not distinguished by a bright temperament. By its nature, monogamous. This is a very jealous nature. Just the thought of betraying his woman can knock him out of balance. But this happens very rarely, because he is used to restraining his feelings and emotions. In life, this man is a practical man. He is a realist and will never succumb to his fantasies and illusions. Adequately assesses the situation and calmly solves the problem. The friendship is very responsive and reliable.

Taurus Rising Man

To get acquainted with his external image, you need to find out what the ascendant in Taurus shows the man. He is perfectly physically built and has beautiful features. Sensual, charming and, not devoid of romanticism man, in which there is a lot of practicality and cynicism that worries women. On the tricks to enchant and seduce him, he easily succumbs, because he loves sex and everything that is associated with it. As a rule, this man, if he falls in love, immediately makes an offer to the chosen one.

A man with an Ascendant in Taurus is mundane and simple in this sense, which many women like. Although, do not mind if the lover takes the initiative in their own hands, and she will appoint him a meeting with the registry office. This man is so passionate and vicious that he easily finds himself in criminal histories, becomes bankrupt, or is carried away by women of easy virtue. By nature, he is the owner, but he will not fight at swords for the chosen one. After all, she made her choice. It seems that nothing can knock it off. He is a vain type with good taste in clothes and cooking, who can easily dine at home or in a restaurant.

If the Ascendant in Taurus is with a man, then he is interested not only in feelings, but in finances. He believes that this is interrelated. Love is corrupt, so why put it above the material? But, he is delighted when he hears a pleasant melody, or poems. This man is not devoid of a sense of beauty, but more trust in what gives a sense of reliability and comfort. For example, money, car, apartment. If all this set is present, then love will appear — elementary mathematics. But, if his chosen one calls him on a trip to the Altai Territory, he will certainly agree.

And, by the way, she will once again be sure that next to her is a sensitive and gentle man. In relations with women, everything is very clear to him — the more attractive and mysterious, the more he likes it. A man with an ascendant in Taurus does not lie to himself, therefore he adores sexual, bright and intriguing persons. Indiscreet and, defiantly dressed courtesans, too, in his taste. He likes women, with whom it is easy to agree on everything in the world, as well as successful and independent business ladies. By the way, he does not mind being in the role of gigolo, because he does not hide that he loves money and pleasure. He himself attracts active partners who like extreme, both in love and in life. After all, they are so realistic and desperate that they will not tire of his senseless chatter and reproaches.

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