Ascendant in Virgo Man

A man with an ascendant in Virgo is a sensible and calm person who keeps emotions under control. It is distinguished by high self-control. He will never allow himself to commit rash impulsive actions. Such a man is accustomed to accuracy and pedantry, and when a completely opposite person appears next to him, he will necessarily hint at his shortcomings, although he himself is not an ideal. He knows this himself, and therefore he constantly works on himself, sets difficult goals and tasks that he performs for a very long time, but does not give up. In the team try to protect themselves from the rest, and in a quiet environment slowly perform the work carefully.

Men with a rising sign in Virgo try not to show their feelings and emotions. They will deliberately avoid situations where they can feel empathy. With them you can communicate on any topic and be sure that they will not lose their temper. The main thing is not to criticize this man, especially publicly, otherwise he will forget about his punctuality, and will certainly try to take revenge on the offender, remembering all his shortcomings. Ascendant in Virgo endows with special demand for oneself. These outwardly calm people doubt their capabilities and are afraid of the future. They like to dig in the past, which is the cause of the depressed mood. They may be bored with them, but they are devoted friends who will never leave at a difficult moment.

He chooses a woman for a long time, and does not hurry to show feelings. He can long wait for the very moment when it is necessary to admit to love. To a woman, he may seem cold and emotionless, but in reality he will be overwhelmed by feelings, which he is afraid to show. A man with a rising sign in Virgo will surround his companion with love and care. He will always come to the rescue and make every effort to make relations ideal. Do not change. In relations with him, there will never be quarrels and conflicts. He loves children and can become an exemplary father. The union with him will not be bright and passionate, but he guarantees stability and confidence. He will never make scenes of jealousy, and follow every step of the partner, considering it humiliating.

Virgo Rising Man

For the environment he seems sociable, witty and slightly arrogant, if the ascendant in Virgo is in a man. But with close acquaintance, such qualities as judiciousness and optimism appear. He is quite reasonable, but indifferent type, who prefers to talk and laugh with a woman, rather than somersaulting with her in bed. If you prioritize, then he puts feelings on a level below work, career and money. But, love for him is also valuable, so he does not intend to abandon it. A good-natured, smiling and positive man who likes to watch himself and eat natural products.

He have only moderately — sexuality and warmth. By nature, he is an independent and intuitive sense of the situation of a man who, before doing something at first, will think. Although, about his straightforwardness this can not be said. A man with an ascendant in Virgo "cuts" with words like a sharp razor, without thinking about who is before him — a woman or a boss. He does not act rashly, because he is cautious, both in love and in money. With him, comfortably, cheerfully and at ease, that likes the same, life-loving and open women. Wild and unbridled in passionate desires girls carry him along. After all, he is not deprived of excitement and adores unexpected outbursts of falling in love.

If the ascendant in Virgo is a man, then he pays attention to the romantic and errant natures. They are impulsive and unrestrained, as well as interesting in communication and easy to raise women. It attracts creative, artistic and talented natures, with whom you can, even into the fire, even into the water. In a woman there should be not only a "zest", but also a "dash" in the eyes, which speaks of a gusty and crazy character.

This man is drawn to women, whose character is the complete opposite of him. But, sentimentality and obligations begin to bother him soon, so he will hardly create a lasting relationship with the vulnerable and dreamy ladies. A man with an ascendant in Virgo likes women smart, smart and a bit old-fashioned in their views on love. After all, it’s so good, easy and pleasant to talk with him on a variety of topics. Especially if you do not "press" on this man and do not demand something unreal from him. By the way, he does not live by illusions, but runs away from responsibility, as from the fire, which he himself so often fires in the heart of sweet and gentle girls. This man or love, or reject — the third is not given.

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