Virgo Rising Sign

Understated, Virgo Rising is intelligent and reserved. They are shy in new situations and need time to warm up to new people and public events. Unfortunately, this can make them appear detached or critical. If you can get past this and get to know Virgo Rising, you will find a loyal and steadfast friend.

Virgo Ascendant is sensitive to any discomfort or other signs their body gives them. This makes many of them extremely alert to their health and they may enjoy activities that combine the body and the mind, like yoga. They may be picky eaters and be very careful about what they put into their bodies. Fastidious may be a better description.

Virgo Rising can worry a lot, especially when faced with new things. They are detail oriented and catch the finest little items that others may miss. They tend to attract or be attracted to those who need their help. This can put them in some uncomfortable situations at times, especially in relationships. They may not see their partners in a true light at times.

Virgo Ascendant is charming in a quiet, soothing way. They are loyal friends who will go out of their way to help you out, while being reluctant to take the credit. They may develop a feeling of inferiority due to being overly modest. They learn quickly and spend a lot of their time analyzing and evaluating everything around them.

They can adapt to changing circumstances, but the willingness to do so varies between individuals. They may complain while they adapt, however. They seek perfection in all they do, and sometimes find it difficult to accept less in others. They tend to criticize without thinking of the consequences to others, and they may need to learn how to be sensitive to the feelings of those around them.

Virgo Rising is practical and conservative. They donโ€™t like public displays of affection, but in private they can be very affectionate. They can be extremely organized in some areas of their lives, while terribly messy in others. They may like to gossip, and they are curious about everything around them. They are capable of absorbing huge amounts of information that they are only too happy to share with anyone who will listen.

Virgo Ascendant is dependable and they are always there for you in a crisis. They are often in service occupations like emergency personnel or police. They are also very good teachers. They may be a bit high strung at times. They are precise and careful, and dislike anything that is crude or coarse in nature.

Virgo Rising may like to collect things like recipes or other practical items. They may be prone to allergies or respiratory problems, and problems like anxiety may impact their life. Virgo Rising likes to keep busy. They get irritable and nervous if they donโ€™t have anything to do. They like to have projects in the works every waking moment and appear dressed well at all times.

Ascendant in Virgo Man

Men with the Ascendant in Virgo often have logical thinking and are prone to analysis. A lot of men with an ascending Virgo become scientists, scientists, study mathematics and various exact sciences, often being followers of brilliant discoverers and developers of their ideas. But, whatever they do, they do everything exceptionally accurately and qualitatively. In their apartment, everything is always bolted and screwed, all things are in their places, and the cranes do not flow. They are, as they say, real business executives.

Ascendant in Virgo Woman

Women with the Ascendant in Virgo are very patient, hardworking, but often inclined to expose themselves in the form of a victim (Nobody will do this for me! I am alone responsible for everything! Poor poor, poor!). They just burst under the weight of small problems and life, and where a woman with another Ascendant does not even pay attention to a speck on the floor, for a woman with an ascending Virgo this will be a whole problem and an excuse for caring. She immediately rushes to clean and wipe it as carefully as possible. In what they are not to blame - it is in working capacity. For those men who are looking for a good housewife and keeper of the hearth, the woman with the Ascendant in Virgo will be just a gift of fate! In the end, you can sometimes miss her petty grumbling!

Ascendant in Virgo Child

He tries to emphasize his superiority over others. Children with an ascendant in Virgo have a very sensitive body, and they can be very worried if they feel unwell. Attach such a child to help with housework, to work. He will do everything with pleasure. Very neat and attentive.

Spiritual Interpretation of Virgo Rising

The most pervasive trait of the Virgo Ascendant is analysis. Because you have choice in how to engage in Virgo expression, you tend to analyze everything you do, with the intention of improving your own performance. You are able to research a subject intensely, studying the nuances of situations in order to find the most utilitarian methods for the task at hand. Once you have mastered a subject, you are well able to teach it to others in a logical, step-by-step way.

The developmental stage reflected in the Virgo Ascendant is the harvest. You rejoice in the moment when everything comes together in a fruitful expression of cooperation. You discriminate among factors presented to you and usually are able to find the proper line of approach to any problem. The less constructive side of the Virgo Ascendant can be seen in mental egotism. You sometimes feel you are superior to other team members, for example. You find fault with their work, perhaps in an attempt to show your superiority.

The path of Virgo is not easy. It embodies the human capacity to protect, to nurture and to reveal higher spiritual truths. The developmental power of Virgo can be experienced on at least four levels:

  1. First there is the mental capacity. You examine, experiment and think about the results.
  2. You use the same thought processes to examine emotional and astral realms, and understand the depth of personal involvement in this way.
  3. You have the capacity for understanding the process of motherhood. You use all your practical skills to nurture your children, your crops, or your creative efforts through to maturity.
  4. You metaphorically destroy or leave behind each task and its results.

The potential weakness of the Virgo Ascendant is spiritual materialism. You may be tempted to make your spiritual path into a measure of your value. Or you may measure your own spiritual value against that of another person. The aforementioned egotism and faultfinding may extend themselves into the spiritual world. This potential pitfall is part of the probationary quality of Virgo. In traditional astrology Virgo is the sign of service and this is true on the spiritual plane as well.

The power of cycles underlies the spiritual path of the Virgo Ascendant. For example, the phases of the Moon hold tremendous power because through them Virgo can relate to the energy of the earth itself. Sensitivity to the nuances of cycles can become a formidable force in your hands when you are open to their subtle movements. Any contemplative practice relaxes the mind so you can feel these energies will work. You may have different practices for different cycles of the Moon.

The physical effect of your spiritual work can often be felt in the nervous system. When your path is clear you can expect to feel calm and collected. When the path is not clear, you may feel a range of response from tightness in the abdomen to general stress to heightened anxiety.

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