Ascendant in Aquarius Woman

The woman, in which the horoscope rising sign is Aquarius, is different from her peers from her childhood. She soon has a craving for knowledge, she quickly learns to read and begins to be interested in things that are difficult to understand even for adults. A lively, sociable and inquisitive girl always finds friends, wherever she is. In her youth, this is quite a complicated person. In adolescence, can be succumbed to fashion trends, get carried away by some subculture or find yourself an unusual hobby.

Despite curiosity, the school can not finish well. For her social life is important, she likes to revolve in the circle of like-minded people and interesting people. She tries to leave her parents’ home as quickly as possible in order to start an independent life. In work, a woman with a rising Aquarius always tries to apply her creative thinking and non-standard approach to solving problems. However, she is not always accepted with its sometimes absurd and idealistic ideas. But she does not give up, she goes to the victorious.

In relationships with men, she keeps her distance. It attracts interesting and sociable representatives of the stronger sex. She will not tolerate a whiner and a pessimist next to her. In men, he appreciates activity, dedication, creativity and creativity. A life companion for her should become not only a good and faithful husband, but also a devoted friend with whom you can discuss any topic. Sexual life for her is not so important. The main thing is mutual understanding, support, respect and trust.

Aquarius Rising Woman

That’s really who really strives for the ideal in life, so it’s an ascendant in Aquarius in a woman. She is quite clever and freedom-loving person, which many consider hypocritical. In fact, she keeps everything under strict control, because she is proud of herself and her manners. Rational and cautious in dealing with men, she seems to her that everything can be changed in two counts. She was not used to sacrificing herself even for the sake of great love, but she sincerely stands for independence in relations.

For all, she is different, but, undoubtedly, unique. Some men think she is too frivolous, and to others she seems serious to insanity. A woman with an ascendant in Aquarius adores society and activities where one can demonstrate everything — beauty, elegance and intellect. For this woman there are no difficult situations, because she finds a way out of everything. Self-confident and irresistible person, which makes men worry. So it is, she excites fantasy and knows a lot of secrets of seduction, forcing competitors to gnaw their nails nervously. Spectacular externally and explosively inside a woman who does not like to associate herself with strong relationships even if you fall in love without memory.

If the woman ascendant is in Aquarius, then she develops a tactic of behavior with a man even before he learns his name. An interesting, proud and truly wonderful woman who is able to turn a head even the most reserved in emotions to the man. Men celebrate in it a sense of humor, ingenuity and unpredictability. She likes partners independent, both from a common opinion, and from everyday adversity. With this woman you can discuss everything from stylish hairstyles to the latest brand of the car.

She loves everything new, extraordinary and evocative. Envious people are shocked at how quickly she manages to "attack" an inveterate bachelor or a young handsome man with a millionth inheritance. A woman with an ascendant in Aquarius is friendly with men, but with her head, especially. She does not face recklessness, because she planned an elegant, intelligent and self-assured man for her companions. It can be a politician, a lawyer, an artist or a trader. The main thing that he was attractive and smart, and the rest she "think up" herself. Vain and proud like it no less, because they feel charisma, power and passion. For such a "hero" she is ready to go anywhere, just to support and help him achieve even greater victories.

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