Ascendant in Aries Woman

A woman with an ascendant in Aries is very temperamental and expressive. From a young age, she strives for independence. She is very energetic and sociable, so she has many friends and interesting hobbies. She never sits on the spot, always busy with something. Curious, open to everything new, easily rushes into adventures. She does not like to plan her affairs for a long time. It is guided by its internal sensations and desires. She lacks calmness, balance and harmony in her soul. She enthusiastically takes up any interesting business, but does not always bring it to the end.

Her work is appreciated for the ability to communicate well, to communicate information to people, to manage colleagues and organize the work process. She is a woman careerist. For her, her social status and the financial side of life are very important. Manifesting his non-standard thinking, creative and strong-willed qualities of character, it achieves the desired result and career growth.

Relationships with men are often not easy. Because of her strong character, violent emotions and temperament, she often scares applicants for her hand and heart. Not every man can tame such an expressive nature. In marriage, as a rule, she is always ready to give in for the primacy in the family. Although, in fact, she does not pretend to be the head of the family, she just likes the process of struggle.

Aries Rising Woman

To understand what the ascendant shows in Aries in a woman, you need to get acquainted with the qualities of her character. To many it seems too emotional and bold. In principle, it is, because it is impulsive, like the wind. "Alive" in communication and an impatient woman who does not always manage to hold back emotions, especially in love. But her confidence and charm are incredibly attractive to men. This woman will not be satisfied with the second roles, because she strives for primacy. If a man puts her above the rest, then she is crazy about him. Being in society, it should be the focus of attention. She is very sweet and sympathetic until she notices the rival on the horizon — she certainly will not spare her.

A woman with an Ascendant in Aries is irresistible and does not differ in constancy, both in her tastes and in her behavior. As they say, "one leg is there, and the other is there". This statement characterizes it in an excellent way. It has a sea of sexuality, attraction and audacity. She is always in the forefront even in a traffic jam. If a man does not notice her, she will put a pot on her head, if only he turns to her. An effective woman who wants to make an impression and be a legislative fashion. If the novel is dizzying, and if sex, then delicious. The way in which she behaves in public and what her essence represents, may in reality not coincide. A successful woman emits light and passion, attracts enthusiastic looks. Her gait is energetic, and the positive is reflected in her eyes. Her temperament is immediately noticed by men, although to many it seems arrogant and selfish.

If the ascendant in Aries is with a woman, then she likes good, balanced and sensual men. She can not marry such a man, but she will always tie up a love affair with him. She often communicates with men who have a sign in her horoscope opposite her. They attract it like a magnet. Although, to them she can experience, both sincere feeling and dislike.

This woman is attracted by sincere and romantic men, in sex with whom a fatal connection based on imagination is possible. A woman with an ascendant in Aries tempts him, and he plays along. So it can continue indefinitely, if mutual understanding arises between them. The main thing is that she often said "we", and not persistently insisted — "I". This woman attracts men desperate and determined, like her. True, not all of them can withstand its complacency and impulsiveness.

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