Ascendant in Cancer Woman

The woman with the Ascendant in Cancer looks like a short and gentle creature. They have a charming smile and expressive eyes. This type in women has collected all the characteristic qualities of the fair sex. She believes in superstition, frightened by the slightest rustle. With all its appearance, it shows that it needs support and assurance. Such women like to surround themselves with beautiful things, listen to classical music and get acquainted with attractive people. From this, she gets a truly aesthetic pleasure.

These people subtly feel the surrounding atmosphere, so they can easily get excited, especially when they are in public places. As a rule, these people look rather modest and simple in communication. However, some women with a rising sign in Cancers withdraw into themselves so much that they seem absolutely inaccessible to communication. In the partner they are looking for solidity and safety. These people feel best when their partner has strength, financial and emotional stability, and a knowledge of how to act in a given situation.

Ascendant in Cancer women — this is a continuous manifestation of violent emotions and increased tearfulness. The eyes of this woman are a water element that can swallow you. Her big heart burns with the fire of love for all life on earth. Women with such an accent have an increased maternal instinct, not only to their own children, but also to strangers. Such women become faithful wives and excellent mothers. Very often they devote their lives to the creation of home comfort and family harmony.

Cancer Rising Woman

The charm and softness of it can not be overlooked, if the Ascendant in Cancer is in a woman. She is so sensitive and vulnerable that she is sensitive to even the slightest criticism or criticism. But this woman is distinguished for her talented and creative nature. She is caring, unexpected and always looking for a reliable man’s shoulder. Surrounding people want to know her closer, gently embrace and be imbued with sincere warmth. Men see in her genuine sympathy, with which she is able to surround them.

In fact, this is only the external side of the "medal". Inside, this woman is incredibly strong, stubborn and intelligent, although rarely demonstrates in society these qualities. A woman with an ascendant in Cancer thinks that her place is in the kitchen, at the baby’s crib or in the garden. Her mood changes in the same way as the weather in March — the sun, then the snow. Men like her independent and mysterious character. Her sensuality will not be seen only by a blind man or someone who is indifferent to the manifestations of tenderness and temptation.

Woman Ascendant in Cancer shows that she is quite a determined and purposeful person. It is not devoid of a practical view of things, but it also has an intuitive sense in dealing with men. She has few friends and friends, but they are all the most faithful and understanding. She herself knows how to listen to the interlocutor, that’s why she uses authority among her acquaintances. A sensitive psychologist with a lot of unresolved abilities is exactly it. A woman with an ascendant in Cancer does not always allow every man to come to him, because he is afraid to fall into a trap and be disappointed. He thinks soberly and expects from him the same reasonableness and serious attitude to life. It has a sea of passion, romanticism and femininity that many men act like a warm sea wave.

In stock, she has a lot of love tricks that drive guys crazy. She likes wealthy and successful, preferably with ambitions and a thick wallet. It’s so reliable! If he is able to control himself, then he and she can get rid of many fears. It must be balanced, predictable and stable. But, there is one "but" — she wants emotions, not love for money. It is not strange, but it is to her "stick" macho, free poets and frivolous rakes. They try to warm up next to her, like a fire in cool weather. But it hurts her soul so much that she runs away from such a relationship. She needs to shake herself and become more proactive, to entice her chosen one.

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