Ascendant in Capricorn Woman

A woman with an ascendant in Capricorn is very powerful, but can be gentle. Often it is considered cold, bitchy and tough. As a child, she often chooses solitude, but if she is friends with peers, then she is the leader among them. In school, it is usually an exemplary student. She loves to study and from the small years she makes plans for the future. In her youth she chooses a profession that, in her opinion, will help her to achieve independence and financial well-being. Often, such women suffer from the syndrome of an honors’ pupil. They are very pedantic, responsible and serious, and when their efforts are not appreciated, they are very upset.

A woman with a rising Capricorn trying to be perfect in everything. At work, she often seeks to take a managerial position. This she easily succeeds, as she quickly manifests herself as a responsible and reliable employee. Many people think that she is on hand — for whatever business she took, she succeeds. A woman with an ascendant in Capricorn possesses immense will power, patience, perseverance and purposefulness. She knows exactly what she wants.

In relations with men, coldness and indifference often show, especially at the first stages of acquaintance. It is difficult for her to discover her true feelings, even if she is in love with her. Although, this happens very rarely. Rush into the pool with his head — this is not about her. She is always rational and calculating towards men. At the same time does not seek to marry by calculation. But, nevertheless, for it the social status of the elect is still important.

Capricorn Rising Woman

Ascendant in Capricorn, a woman shows that we have an ambitious, ambitious and cautious nature. Of course, she can be gentle and courteous if she truly falls in love. But, for this to happen, it is necessary for her to carefully think and decide everything. In a whirlpool with a head such a person will not rush, because there is more cynicism in it than romanticism. Men also treat her with suspicion, because her excessive foresight keeps them at a distance.

A woman with an ascendant in Capricorn, even in relationships, is looking for benefits and realizes that a serious relationship is much better than an easy flirtation. A reliable and sensible woman, striving for stability. If a successful and respectable partner appears on the horizon, she will certainly seclude herself to powder the spout. The opposite sex likes her impeccable manners, culture of conduct and mind. Serious and noble lady who does not build illusions, but gets from life what she wants. But, she is not devoid of femininity and passion, so she can make an effect in men’s society.

Practicality and sensuality are incredibly combined in it, if the Ascendant in Capricorn belongs to a woman. Her earthly pleasures are not alien to her, but you can not hide the inner strength and natural grace. Men celebrate in her the naturalness that attracts much more than the frank decollete or the enticing smile of the Gioconda. She’s all trying to do the best, whether it’s coffee in bed, or sex on the grass. It has so much experience and magnetism that it can seduce a loader, a lawyer and a surgeon. But, in its priority, all the same, those who strive for success and financial well-being.

Therefore, if a man is rich, talented and, moreover, emotional and unrestrained in sex, she is flattered. The main thing is that their goals and views on life coincide. But, too sensitive and sentimental it does not interest, because she herself is looking for protection and support. Woman with an ascendant in Capricorn creates the impression of an excellent hostess, exemplary mother and caring wife. If the partner is convinced that everything is so, then he will never give up on it. For it, external comfort is important, as well as reliable money back. The only problem is that she wants to be the leader in the relationship, which is not every man will allow. Yes, her character is not easy, but she herself does not seek a man who will throw roses at her feet. A little resignation on her part will not hurt, but will only make her even more desirable and romantic.

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