Ascendant in Gemini Woman

Rising female Gemini sign — the nature is refined and playful. Since childhood, they reconcile themselves to a variety of roles. If last week a girl with an ascendant in Gemini played with dolls in her mother’s daughters, then in a week she will begin to collect a designer and dream of flying into space. The mood of the ascending Gemini-women is constantly changing, as are their hobbies with interests. In school, as a rule, this is the most knowledgeable girl in the class. She knows everything about everyone and this gives her an advantage over her peers. He grows up quickly, even more quickly seeks to leave his parents’ home in order to lead an independent life and not depend on anyone.

For a woman with rising Gemini in a horoscope, nothing is impossible. She is persistent and purposeful. If he wants to achieve something, he achieves it. The only thing that can knock it off the track is the lost interest in the matter. She quickly lights up the idea, but can also just as quickly cool down. In the work she manifests herself as a professional specialist and a connoisseur of her craft. Offended when criticized or not appreciated. She is inspired by praise from the authorities and recognition of her success by colleagues. In the work collective, it exists easily and at ease. Very quickly adapts to new places and strangers. The ability to find an approach to any person gives her many advantages over her colleagues.

Men are attracted to such a woman: they like her lightness, carelessness and enthusiasm. Next to her, they feel young and happy. A woman with a rising Gemini sign likes to flirt and turn novels. She regretfully part with those who do not meet her requirements. It can simultaneously meet with several gentlemen, but at the same time keeps a distance with each of them. To love and relationships is often without much experience and anxiety. Do not focus on the creation of a family and the birth of children. Appreciates personal freedom and does not tolerate restrictions. Nevertheless, the family sooner or later becomes its main support and motivator. It seeks to do everything for the well-being of its children. With this mom, kids never get bored. Ascending Gemini try to give their children the best education and transfer their accumulated life experience.

Gemini Rising Woman

It is like a spinning top that spins all day, if the Ascendant in Gemini is a woman. Curious, like millions of women, but unique and radiant, like the sun in February. She rarely speaks out, thinks quickly and never sits idle. If a man appoints a date to her, then let him prepare to wait for her all day. She did not forget, but simply does not consider it necessary to live by the rules. By the way, she rarely limits herself to one man. She, as a rule, has several gentlemen who live in different parts of the city.

A woman with an ascendant in Gemini loves to be friends with men, that’s why she gets acquainted in any way — on the bus, in the elevator or in the hippodrome. She likes rich men, but for dinner in a restaurant she is able to pay for herself. She quickly "lights up", and just as easily fades in relation to the partner. It can not stand boredom, monotony and monotonous conversation. Although, on any new date she runs, rushing off — suddenly it will be fateful? If you can dream together with a partner, and not get stuck in gray everyday life, then he is already on the list of her true friends.

Ascendant in Gemini in a woman shows that in her soul she is romantic and soft. It is peculiar to observe what is happening, and not to commit rash acts. Witty in words, and determined in the actions of a woman who conquers guys not only with external charm, but also with knowledge. He has no fewer friends with a man than he has! And you can talk to her on any topic — from politics to paintings in the Tretyakov Gallery. It is reasonable and practical, which attracts more men in it. But only those who make concessions and freely voice their desires.

If a man admires her, then she is flattered. A cheerful and sociable woman who sweeps everything around, if somewhere in a hurry or decided to surprise this world with her appearance. A woman with an ascendant in Gemini is an unpredictable person, whose sexuality is not fiction, but pure truth, given to her by nature. In young people it is not fascinated by muscles and biceps, but by high intelligence. She likes to travel, have fun and have sex without bans and reproaches. She adores aspirants, positive and independent personalities. That he had a broad smile and the soul is not unbuttoned, and not a "brick in his bosom." The main thing is that he thinks what he is saying, and he was also full of original ideas. She hovers on the ground, but does not walk with a heavy load behind her shoulders. He must always remember this and circulate with her in a light waltz of life.

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