Ascendant in Leo Woman

A woman with an ascendant in Leo is trying to keep track of herself, so she always looks good. She likes to receive compliments and observe the admiring glances directed at her. From this, it is charged with positive energy and good mood. She likes to dress up, tries to follow all fashion trends, is not afraid to experiment and change the images. A woman with a rising Lion loves to pamper herself with outfits and accessories. Clothing for her is a way of self-expression. With her help, she emphasizes her uniqueness and mood.

The character of a woman with an ascendant in Leo is a confident and determined person. She knows what she wants from life and does her best to achieve her goal. It has an internal magnetism, which attracts people to itself. Her manners and ability to keep themselves fascinate others. However, she does not always manage to make a good impression due to her negative qualities of character, which can intensify at the most inopportune moment. There are two faces of personality in it: it strives to become an ideal, the other does everything for the sake of show-off and attention. Sometimes a woman with an ascendant in Leo finds it difficult to understand true desires and aspirations.

A woman with a rising sign of Leo is important to choose the right partner of life. Her strong and domineering character can break the will of many confident men. At the same time, a strong character, the man will constantly fight with her for leadership in the pair. Such a person needs someone who will not interfere with her development, career growth and creativity. He should give her the necessary freedom, but at the same time, surround with attention, care and warmth. She must be admired. Choosing a partner for women with an ascending Lion is not an easy task. It is very important for them to find a chosen one who can understand her emotional impulses and desires.

Leo Rising Woman

She not only knows how to impress others, but she is also endowed with nature with self-confidence and bright appearance, because the Ascendant in Leo is with a woman. Vain and impulsive person, to which men are treated with caution. After all, she attracts her eyes with her explosive character and inimitable appearance. She is a real actress, who does not even need theater education to prove her talent. Unperturbable and impetuous Lady, who loves to turn everything into a drama, when it comes to love.

A woman with an ascendant in Leo adores society, especially a man. Compliments — its weakness, so if a man is generous in recognition, she will not lose sight of it. She likes to be in the center of attention, to emphasize her uniqueness and reincarnate as a hunter, if "extraction" appears on the horizon. Quite demanding, but fair woman. It easily fits into any role that it performs classically. Experienced men immediately notice in her passion for life and for pleasure. But if she is not ready for a relationship, she will skillfully hide her desires and feelings under the mask of composure.

If the woman Ascendant is in Leo, then she looks like a wild cat that can sweep everything on its way to its goal. Her fiery character scares somebody, but someone lets you warm up her own passion. In her appearance there is much from a secular personification, arrogance and becoming. But in it there is also a lot of femininity and softness that she shows before the elect. A sensual woman who does not hide her attachments. She likes men with impetuous and temperamental temperament who value their independence, but can throw everything for one of her kisses. Strong, smart and real heroes — that’s her ideal. The physical data of men attract it not so much as altruism and financial stability.

Often a woman with an ascendant in Leo draws attention to those who are her complete opposite. What is the passion for novelty or for adventure? Both of which attract more than ordinary and boredom. She wants that the world spun around her, and not vice versa. Supremacy must be seen in his gaze, but not eclipse her dignity and charisma. If a man looks respectable and achieves success in life, then he will certainly be interested in it. He must have a taste for life, entertainment and women. So, like her, naturally. She is an exclusive, who needs to be admired day and night.

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