Ascendant in Libra Woman

Women with an Ascendant in Libra are very often very beautiful and feminine. They are characterized by an open look, filled with warmth and kindness. The most common type of figure for these women is an hourglass. Being in the company, they always make an unforgettable impression on others.

Rising Libra women know how to stay in society. They have good manners and graceful gait. Such representatives of the weaker sex are very easy to receive the title of secular lioness. In people, they value, first of all, the appearance. They like to surround themselves with beautiful things and people.

A rising sign in Libra gives such women a love of stability in all matters, be it finances or love relationships. In addition, there is a desire to resolve any conflicts peacefully. Libra women are good diplomats. They easily manage to settle any dispute without aggression. In friendship, they can be fickle. They do not appreciate people in the immediate neighborhood, using them to achieve their goals.

Libra Rising Woman

Woman ascendant in Libra shows that she is a well-bred and attentive person. Her innate tact, but the caution, rather, acquired. Of course, she does not panic at the sight of men, but will analyze everything to the smallest detail before approaching him. It is romantic and soft, so men are ready to fight for it in a duel. There is so much charm and harmony in it that the head goes around. A feminine and seductive lady, in whom there is a mass of doubts about her appearance and predilections. She wants to do a lot at once and not miss a happy chance.

But, there is a bit of self-control, a bit of confidence and a bit of the charm that a female vamp possesses. A woman with an Ascendant in Libra loves companies in which one can open her friends and meet a handsome man. She is a diplomatic and understanding friend, so she can listen and give advice to anyone. An interesting fact is that men either immediately admit to it in love, or run like fire. It is possible that outwardly this woman looks so charming that it is alarming. But, only indecisive and accustomed to retreat.

She is refined and serene at the same time, if the Ascendant is in Libra in a woman. She never panics because she weighs every word and action. Foresight is its "hobby", especially in relations with men. She has an excellent taste, both to good wine, and to fashionable boots. A partner will never be bored with her, and also take it with pleasure to any worthy society. Her smile bewitches, and the graceful figure drives mad. But, she will not exchange communication with the chosen one, for any secular party.

A woman with an Ascendant in Libra is moderately curious, which attracts the opposite sex in her, and worries women. As a rule, she agrees with everyone in everything, but if she is brought to despair, then the mutiny on the ship will be awful. Especially if its principles, opinions and facts are at stake. She likes personal freedom-loving, business and prosperous people. If in their lives there is a place for sport and excitement, then this is welcomed. Daring, passionate and reckless, who have time for her, to work and travel. By the way, in dreams the chosen one is similar to an aggressive but cute tiger cub. Itโ€™s strange, because she herself is kindness and peace. During sex, she uses her imagination. But even in bed, he sincerely hopes for protection and tenderness, and not for manโ€™s strength and ardor.

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