Ascendant in Sagittarius Woman

Women with an ascendant in Sagittarius have people to themselves, regardless of their appearance. Their main weapon is self-confidence and optimism. The male sex likes how the Sagittarius behave in society. And other women can see their rivals in them. In fact, representatives of the Sagittarius Ascendant do not even try to please others, but simply behave as they always do. Women of this type often lead an idle lifestyle. It is important for them to be at the center of attention, in order to achieve this goal they sometimes can infringe the interests of others.

Sagittarius — optimistic and cheerful, true lovers of travel and adventure. They are easy to climb, quickly fall in love, and the subject of sighing can be not only people, but also places or things. Women-Sagittarians have a good sense of humor, that’s what attracts people around them. They do not like to talk with riddles, preferring straightforwardness. Hypocrisy is unacceptable to them. Born in a dysfunctional family, such a woman easily leaves her former life, achieving success in her career. A distinctive feature of representatives of the ascendant of Sagittarius is the ability to control the situation. They have a well-developed self-preservation instinct.

For representatives of the fair sex with the ascendant in the sign of Sagittarius is characterized by a frequent change of mood. They are impulsive and quick-tempered. But at the same time, they quickly depart. They have a need for freedom. In its absence, they begin to rebel, which does not lead to good. In life situations, Sagittarius is often helped by intuition. They know it, and they use it successfully. In the family, this type is by no means always happy, as the woman puts the career interests above all, which can affect relations with the spouse. Despite the ability to master the situation, women of this type can not withhold money.

Sagittarius Rising Woman

She radiates joy and optimism, if the Ascendant in Sagittarius is a woman. Restless and self-willed nature, before which there are no barriers and insoluble situations. A born enthusiast who is always on the move and business. Men adore her restless character, and also the fact that you can talk to her about everything in the world. A witty and cheerful woman who prefers only truth, and does not tolerate hypocrisy. She draws men to her incredible cheerfulness and fervent laughter.

She likes to entertain and amuse others, because there are a lot of jokes and stories from her own biography in stock. A woman with an ascendant in Sagittarius is romantic, but moderately, so a man should not expect her confessions and passions. She loves freedom and dreams of meeting a man of light on the rise and without a "cargo" of obligations. She wants to believe in him 100%, as well as know that he will at any time break with her in Bali, or go on a hike in the mountains. Sexual relations attract her less than the cute chatter on the balcony of the hotel. She is an independent and positive woman, able to philosophize on any topic.

Ascendant in Sagittarius for a woman shows her as a self-confident and reckless nature. She can easily make friends with a cheerful guy in the subway, or get into a dispute with an adult uncle-businessman. Fall in love at first sight? It’s about her. But, she is also able to quickly forget about the meeting that he appointed her at the theater. She is a fast-moving and enthusiastic person, therefore she rarely plans anything, and hopes more for His Majesty the Case, which, one day, she will bring down with a man of dreams. She likes talkative men, with a sense of humor and a lot of talent.

Writers, musicians, scuba divers and journalists will be more interested in her than silent and successful machine builders. A woman with an ascendant in Sagittarius rarely looks to her age, so she pays attention to young and impulsive men. Anxiety in her blood, then next should be no less bright and, able to enjoy life, a companion. She craves adventure and is ready to go to the end of the world, if it is supported by the same adventurer. Luck favors this woman, so she does not know herself, attracts desperate and cute lucky ones. By the way, she also likes to screw up a novel with an inquisitive alien. The only advice — in the hectic and flow of affairs, she should remember about sensuality and sexual pleasures.

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