Ascendant in Scorpio Woman

Women of the Scorpio Ascendant is distinguished by a beautiful piercing look, according to which they are remembered. They are endowed with sexuality and eroticism. To them the opposite sex stretches. They easily put people to their people and cause sympathy. Their face expresses inner fearlessness and determination. These women have developed musculature, and often have a dense physique, although there are exceptions. They love sexy clothes, but prefer practical. These women create a special style that distinguishes them from the crowd. They like costume jewelry, which they often endow with secret meaning. They like perfume and often choose sharp exotic scents.

If the woman’s horoscope is a rising sign is Scorpio, then it is recommended that her emotions and feelings be less likely to follow. The success of a woman on a personal plane often depends on how she uses her energy. Reckless decisions that she can take on impulse are likely to involve her in an unpleasant situation. Often women with an ascendant in Scorpio are successful and happy people. Confident and determined, they quickly achieve what they want. They build their future with their own hands, without asking for help from relatives and men. In everything, they rely only on themselves.

Women have a very strong sexuality, so if they wish they can subjugate any partner. Despite strong energy, purposefulness and strength, these women very often face difficulties that they create themselves. They can not communicate with people on an equal footing, but try to prove to them their advantage, subordinate partners who have been set for a serious harmonious relationship. They are encouraged from time to time for remove the mask of pride and arrogance to fill their lives with loyal and faithful friends. Otherwise, in old age, these women turn out to be lonely and unwanted. Successful career in old age often does not bring any satisfaction.

Scorpio Rising Woman

Ascendant in Scorpio in a woman shows her power-hungry and very attractive for men. She is a passionate and mysterious woman who can become incredulous if she feels a danger in a relationship. Men find her incredibly sexy, which is quite fair. She has some kind of hypnotic ability, from which not to hide, or hide. But her stubbornness, at times, puts a man at a dead end — how to behave with her, and how to entice yourself? She is not a prudent person in communication, but she appreciates honesty and independence. A woman with an ascendant in Scorpio is an intelligent and beautiful woman, which is not so common.

With her opinion it is necessary to reckon, otherwise lightnings will sparkle in the eyes, and revenge will be merciless. Despite her sociability, she is a secretive person. It is difficult to approach her if she herself does not allow it. She needs to trust the man completely to reveal her soul. But when he takes possession of it, he will not be able to give up this stormy hurricane and the hot fire of desires. She fascinates at first sight, and after a kiss the man is no longer able to cope with himself. A sensual and temperamental lady who tries to protect herself from her own vulnerability. In fact, willpower and confidence are given to her from birth, which is noticed all around.

If she appears in society, then all eyes are turned on her, because the Ascendant in Scorpio in a woman demonstrates her fantastic sexuality. She has many boyfriends, but she gives preference to someone who will also be hot, impulsive and risky, like her. But, he must belong only to her, and she — to him. She is ardent and passionate, but in moderation, not to provoke herself to extravagance. This woman can not be forgotten, if at least once met with her, especially, twisted love story.

She likes men who are wealthy, practical and talented. It can be artists, actors and fashion designers who are not devoid of vanity and know how to make money. But, a man should remember that her love is not bought and not sold. Wisdom and wealth — that’s what a woman with an ascendant in Scorpio puts above all else. By the way, she will also pay attention to the "wealth" of his spiritual world. She is often called a "fatal woman", which is true. But, emotions and feelings she always wants more than a banal intimate connection. If the partner is destined to unravel her secret, hidden behind the "seven locks", then he will create a happy and long union with her.

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