Ascendant in Taurus Woman

Representatives of the fair sex with the ascendant in Taurus have the image of a good housewife, faithful wife and reliable friend. They are easy to communicate with, they are able to support any conversation. Since childhood, they read a lot, they can get carried away with needlework, drawing and sewing. From a young age, girls with a Taurus ascendant dream of getting a profession, and already know exactly who will work. They often study hard at school, but not because of grades, but because of their great craving for knowledge. They strive to obtain a prestigious higher education. Paying a lot of time to study, they do not forget about the financial side of life — they often earn extra money in their student years. Already on the first courses of the institute they have useful connections and interesting acquaintances.

In work, they are confident and responsible women. They often occupy high posts or strive for it. The material sphere for them is very important, so they try to work on wear and tear. Quickly gain prestige in the work team. By nature, these leaders, however, this quality they are not always able to uncover in themselves. If they are engaged in entrepreneurial activities, then become businesswomen. Are able to make the right decisions. Despite the fact that most women have intuitive thinking, the representatives of the ascendant in Taurus are guided only by logic and common sense. Before they come to a decision, they will consider it a hundred times. Rarely listen to the advice of others.

Marriage can slightly change the attitude of a woman with an ascendant in Taurus to life and career. They choose a life partner for a very long time, and often the predominant criterion in choosing is the welfare of a man. However, without a love and understanding, a lasting relationship can not be built. Having married, she can devote herself to raising children and housekeeping. In a relationship with a man, a woman with an ascendant in Taurus is not inclined to show strong feelings and passion. She manifests her feelings with actions, surrounding the man with care, and giving him support. She is faithful to her husband, and demands the same devotion from her chosen one. A woman with an ascendant in Taurus is very jealous and will not tolerate betrayal. This quality often becomes an obstacle to family happiness.

Taurus Rising Woman

The Ascendant in Taurus in a woman shows her as a soft, sensible and sensual nature. She rarely displeased with herself and is able to endure much in life. People see her as a womanly and balanced woman who is never late and respects the opinions of others. Men find her sympathetic and pleasant, so they happily communicate with her. Scandals and whims — this is definitely not for her. This woman possesses classical beauty, exquisite manners and a slender figure. Seductive externally and collected internally — so you can talk about it. She will not live at another’s expense, because she knows how to earn money.

Although, if next to her will be a wealthy man, then she will not give up such luxury. A woman with an ascendant in Taurus is a visualist, so she adores everything expensive and beautiful — things, clothes, cars and men. If in a company of friends and even at a bus stop she sees a real handsome man, then maybe the first one to get acquainted with him. To win her favor, a man needs to know her closer. This artistic woman loves to play a game called "seduction." She immediately feels when she likes a man, so she rarely stops halfway. In her gaze, gestures and even gait is the confidence and grace of the Queen. She wants a man to appreciate and respect her for all the qualities that nature has generously rewarded her.

If the Ascendant is in Taurus in a woman, then she is quite legible in love relationships. She gives the impression of a decent and reserved person, so she does not react to vulgar proposals. A real realist who can not only competently speak, but also listen attentively. The more persevering, brighter and more attractive a man, the more chances for him to become her chosen one. But, only without unnecessary emotions and unrestrained passion. This woman likes to live a reality, and not to languish in expectations and unrest.

A woman with an ascendant in Taurus adores music, art, nature and everything that is mundane and tangible. She wants to live peacefully, be loved and feel stability in finances. With a strong and successful elect, she feels herself under protection. If he surrounds her with care and attention, and will also admire the beauty of the sunset with delight, she will not stand. She does not look for a companion, possessed only by passion and sex. She likes to feel his hand in her hand, inhale his fragrance and gently kiss before leaving for work.

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