Ascendant in Virgo Woman

Women with a rising sign in Virgo are very clean, restrained and modest. They love to work and are ready to provide the necessary help when everyone else drops their hands. They have logical thinking and an analytical mind. Women Virgo do not like to be in public and stand out among the rest. They do not pay attention to public opinion, and live according to their convictions. Despite a fairly even character, it’s difficult to communicate with them. They are demanding both to themselves and to the rest. You have to be the ideal yourself, so as not to hear these remarks from these women. The Virgin herself does not tolerate criticism in her address, and in the case of such harassing resentment.

A woman with an ascendant in Virgo does not like noisy companies and crowds. To do this, they are quite arrogant, and prefer to relax in the quiet atmosphere of the house. They are mixed in order, and chaos disarms them. Doing any work, they are aimed at the best result. They are negative about the changes that slow their business. Being restrained and balanced, they want to be surrounded by the same people. It is difficult for them to make friends and speak in public. They do not like to attract attention to themselves and try in every possible way to avoid this. Thanks to the developed mind, they could achieve unprecedented successes, but they are often distracted by trifles. They can not do anything until they put their thoughts and emotions in order.

A woman with Virgo ascendant is able to control her emotions and is rarely ready to take ill-considered actions for the sake of love. Tranquility, accuracy and femininity draw men to her, but she does not let them in until she knows completely. It is difficult for her to find a partner that will fit her ideal. Practically in all men she sees shortcomings, and expresses them aloud. But even if she has feelings for a man, she will be very reserved, and will not allow emotions to control the mind. If she found a man who at least slightly corresponds to her ideal, she will do everything to make him happy. With her husband she is quite cold, but always ready to help him. She can give useful advice and become a good critic.

Virgo Rising Woman

Ascendant in Virgo for woman shows that she loves order in everything, and also will not refuse to act as regiment commander. It is desirable, where courageous and courageous heroes fight for her heart. She is an elegant and wise woman who has a lot of virtues. When getting acquainted with her, men begin to tremble and urgently clean the crumbs and the dust mask from the table. Yes, it emits, both external and internal purity. It is reasonable enough to fall in love at first sight or cry in the pillow after parting.

She senses the mind, talent and sexuality. Although, at times it can be unassailable and prudent. Her main weapon is the words she utters with such aplomb that she takes fright. On a date, a woman with an ascendant in Virgo gathers as if it were a world congress of scientists, or a ball at the Queen of Great Britain. Naturally, she has her own ideal of a man, which she "raised" in her youth. She would, it would not hurt to criticize less, and often adjust to the elect. She should be perfect — shoes, manicure and even perfume, a train from which you can not forget. She does not know the word "chaos" at all, because she does not even allow herself to think of anything superfluous.

Men provocateurs are unlikely to be interested in her, because the Ascendant in Virgo is a woman. She rarely resents, screams or scandals. After all, everything can be solved calmly, and if "kill", then only by a glance or suggestion. She is able to seduce, but she does it so carefully that she is afraid to stumble. Young people love to be friends with her, because in her there is so much realism, energy and worldly wisdom. A woman with an Ascendant in Virgo for a millimeter will not allow a man to come to her, if she is unsure of himself and his intentions. She has an excellent sense of humor, a sea of sarcasm and experience in sex. Men are often shocked whence in such a cutie are so many passions and ambitions.

She likes capable, romantic and stylish personalities who like to talk, and do not drag her into bed after the first meeting. The main thing is that it should be decisive and sensual, and the rest can be experienced. For it, reliability and stability are important, and not only in love, but also in finance. To dream is good, but you need to live by reality, that’s her motto, which she follows in relations with men. Materialists who want to live in comfort, and not as barricades, will be really happy, to create an alliance with this sensible and moderately emotional woman.

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