Sun in Aquarius

The Sun in Aquarius has been called the “rebel” of the zodiac because of their total commitment to their unique vision. They’re uncompromisingly anchored in their own lives, and grant that same autonomy to others. This can make them seem detached and friendly at the same time, with an innate sense that everyone should “do their own thing”.

These are the ones with a faraway look, most likely thinking brilliant and futuristic thoughts. Their minds seem to roam the outer edges of what is possible, and many of them make the impossible a reality as pioneers in science and technology. And their quirky, wholly original take on life gives them an edge should they venture into the Arts.

They’re tuned into a different frequency, and have a vast mindscape that seems to make them self-sufficient. In other words, they’re happy to spend time alone. Yet as a sign of paradoxes, the Aquarius is also drawn to groups and “communities.” They’re tuned into the undercurrents of gatherings and can help people act together toward a goal. They’re usually at the forefront of a cause, often before it becomes safe or fashionable to do so.

The Aquarian nature is known as eccentric, but only because it follows that personal golden thread of inspiration to the limits. Another name for this could be genius, since it pushes out into the road less traveled and then goes yet further. While this leads to great achievement, there’s always a chance it can lead to feeling cut off from others - this is where the loner and “absent-minded professor” reputation comes into play.

The Aquarius remains a sovereign being that needs an intellectual rapport to sustain a romance. An ideal mate inhabits a parallel universe with many loving thoughts and feelings transmitted from the other side of the bed. If you accept the physical and mental distances, you might just be surprised by how much love can grow in the space between.

The Light that shines on Earth, across the sea

Potent self consciousness is strongly diminished in this sign, thus the individualising aspect of the Will is in detriment. Yet from the centre of Leo’s Light, Aquarius awakens into the consciousness of a transcending whole. It can thus be said that group consciousness is ~exalted~ in the Water Bearer’s sign.

The search for individuality has shifted from one based on the need to be different to one based on a distinct sense of unification with all of humanity. In this respect, the Soul-centered Aquarian is personifying less of what it means to be him or herself (in terms of the personality), but more of what it is like to be a human being in service to other human beings.

The emotional compulsions of the astral body have become transformed by the action of the Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge. Yet it is not with cold indifference that the Sun in Aquarius shines his or her light into the world. As a result of the blending of the emotional nature with the mental, Aquarius has produced pure intuition (Uranus). Thus the Soul-centered Aquarian embodies “…the constant necessity …to think in terms of energies and forces, of lines of force, and energy relationships…”

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